darby select said

FOUND! THANKS! SWAP of a different kind

Hi All! I’m organizing a mystery tea party where the Queens crystal teapot will be stolen. I’m looking for a glass teapot – something small. I ordered one and it’s huge – 41oz! LOL Didn’t pay attention before I ordered. I’m going to have to glue crystals to it and that’ll take me forever. Does anyone have a glass teapot lying around – no bigger than 20oz or so and wants to swap it? It can be used as long as it looks nice as the “winner” will be receiving the teapot.

I have a TON of tea to swap if there’s anything you’re looking for? My cupboard here does not have all my options so if you have a pot needing a home follow me and we’ll chat.


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tperez said

Haha, I don’t have a glass teapot for you, but awesome idea!

darby select said

Thanks! I’m thinking it’s a cute idea now … before I have tiny crystals stuck to everything! LOL I still have to think of some design to put on the side…maybe a crown.

I have one that is about the right size, but it is a bit modern in style, and basic (no built in strainer etc). I got it with a numi flowering tea set.

darby select said

Awesome! Do you have a pic of it or link to it online? I don’t mind not having a strainer as most of these ladies aren’t loose leafers….still working on them.

I just need it to have the long spout in front so I have the right amount of space on the base.

not sure if this is the exact one, but this is a close design http://www.vitacost.com/Images/Products/1000/Numi/Numi-Glass-Teapot-Urban-680692401721.jpg

darby select said

THANKS for the offer! I don’t think that design will work best for what I have to do to it.

understood, hope you find what you need!

Nicole said

I only have ones with small spouts like the one Kasumi linked. Good luck!

darby select said

Thanks for trying!

Sounds like you know how to host a party :)

No glass teapots, but you might be able to find one at Ross.

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