Lori said

Tea Swap- Where/How can I join one?

I am new to Steepster and new to loose leaf tea. Since I have gotten started in my tea experimentation, I have bought lots of teas that I just don’t like. Where/how can I join a tea swap?

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There is a tea karma thread on this discussion board, for people to give away and obtain tea from others.

Teachat has a tea swap board, but you will have to accumulate certain posting history in order to swap: http://www.teachat.com/viewforum.php?f=33

And I guess you can just post and claim what tea you need to give up on a tea forum.

I made a summary list of North American tea forums: http://www.lifeinteacup.com/online-tea-forums

But among all, steepster is the tea forum that I’ve ever seen by far the most users. It makes me feel the entire tea world is really growing :D

The Pay-It-Forward Karma Tea Swap thread is here:

There’s also the Take It Away thread, where people list the teas they don’t want anymore, and others can claim it:

Or you could do it like this and put your tea into groups for people to claim:

If you specifically want to do a swap, I would suggest starting a thread, and listing the teas (and the amounts) you’d like to swap, and then people can reply with what they want swap with. Good luck! :)

Spot52 select said

I too wondered about the swap idea. I like the Karma thread, but I am not on enough to ever get anything I would want. But the idea of swap is appealing.

Lori said

Yeah- they really need to have a specific feature on Steepster for Tea Swaps …But in the meantime, I will get my list together and post my giveaways (which are mostly Adagio teas) on one of the current swap threads…

Spot52 select said

Well, I have this swap up for grabs over at teachat, it anyone is interested.
I bought this tin thinking that maybe this time I would like Pu-erh. I only used two cakes (the tin was originally 5oz.,140g), and it is obvious that this is not a tea I like; or not the right time of life for it.

I know there are some people on the board who like this tea. So if you are interested, let me know. I would be willing to swap for some Keemun, Dragon Pearls, Yunann, Oolongs, Rooiboii (could this be the plural of Rooibos), Pi Lo Chun, and probably others. I will gladly entertain any offer.


Cofftea said

See the “Take it away!” thread

Nina said

Hey I’d be interested in a UK focused tea swap. I love the obvious Hamsptead Tea, Teapigs, Taylors but I’d love to try some out some new companies. I don’t want to get into expensive UK shipping though… Any Brits up for this?

Doulton said

I would be interested in doing a private swap with one or more people. I have some nice teas that I am willing to share before they get too old. I am also interested in trying some new ones. I was involved in an organized swap for two months and was not happy: one person sent me some really old and poorly packaged tea and the box was filled with dozens of loose teas swimming around together. The other person was running a company and I vaguely felt was recruiting me for a sort of tea Ponzi scheme. I could be wrong, however about the second.

I would really like two or three trustworthy tea friends with whom to occasionally swap. Are you easy-going, conscientious, not overly precise but you don’t have tea that is old enough to vote, never more than a week or two late, and willing to swap tasting notes here on Steepster? You should prefer “better” teas. I prefer USA only for ease of shipping.

If you PM me with your email address, then I can go into more details about what I have. I think I’ll start a list of my teas. Like some people, once I discovered mail order tea, I started ordering far too much. That was only a few months ago, so it’s still not to late for some of these teas to find good homes. My teas come from:

Culinary Teas
Dean and Deluca
Upton Teas
Harney & Sons
Art of Tea
David’s Tea

and a few others.

SoccerMom said

I love the part of this post where you felt you were being lured into a “tea ponzi scheme”!!!!!!! :) I almost spewed tea on my monitor. Thanks for the laugh

I’m glad I have good steepster friends to trade with.

Lori said

Oh this would be perfect for me. I am new to tea and then ordered some tea I just do not like. Mostly, I have tea from Adagio’s, 52 teas, Teavana, California Tea House, and Upton Teas. Have been most disappointed in my Adagio’s selection. I just placed an order from Samovar.

So I promise I am not a Ponzi schemer, will send you teas properly sealed in ziploc bags or tinfoil bags (I am running low on those from Upton and need to reorder), will promptly mail, and swap tasting notes. Also I have just started collecting teas so mine are not old at all…

Lori said

Doulton- I can’t PM you unless u choose to follow me…

Doulton said

PM sent to you! I’m excited!

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