Book Tea?

I was browsing around on Etsy and came across this:

She blends cut up book pages with tea… Is this sensible (or safe) at all? xD

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Zeks said

This certainly made my day :) Textbook flavor for kids anyone?:)

If only! Do they learn the material while they drink? XD

darby select said

Ummmm….ewe!!! That just can’t be appetizing or healthy.

I though I would click in this thread and it would be talking about book inspired teas… maybe some Adagio fandom blends for books. THAT’S a good idea, but this is terrible! I’d rather not have paper flavored tea… who knows how healthy that is anyway. They could be old toxic inks or something.

Exactly, I’m not sure how she drinks it…

Bubbles said

I’m a voracious reader…but I’ve never had the urge to eat (or drink) a book!!!

I really hope this is a joke. Loose-leaf book?

Novi said

As a tea drinker who doesn’t want to drink germs and ink, I wince.

As someone who has seen libraries close and people in poor neighborhoods not have access to books, I weep.

I agree. It’s terribly disheartening to see books ruined like this for no reason.

Zeks said

Well, I certainly don’t mind The Cather… being ruined. The less copies of this boring book, the better :)

Serenity said

Oh, thanks for sharing this! It definitely needed to be here on Steepster!
Yeah, as someone who hates to see pages of books folded back to mark one’s place, sad to see snipped up books and yeah, none for me please! : )

Bubbles said

I still hear my elementary school librarian in my head saying “Don’t be a page pusher!!!” when people don’t pick up and turn the pages of a book.
Dog ears make me want to scream.

darby select said

I HATE Dog Ears too!!! I get on my hubby if it does it – even if it’s not a book I’m going to read – lol.

Serenity said

Bubbles: I’d never heard that expression but YES, I feel the same way about that, in fact I know a certain young person who does that often and I get a horrible nail on chalkboard feeling and get all rainmanny about it: the pages might tear!!

Serenity said

darby: oh yes, even if it’s a book I buy in a thrift store: poor dog-eared page, oh poor book!

Bubbles said

Serenity: I’m pretty sure it’s something she just made up, but it has stuck with me. You described it perfectly with the nails on chalkboard feeling.
I am even worse with thrift store books. “Oh poor book, what have you been through? Come home with me, and live out the rest of your days in peace…” LOL

Claire said

As someone who works in the archives department of a library, no it is not safe.

I also second that it’s very sad.

Yeah, books sometimes do get moldy!

Ew, yeah, that is both disturbing and sad. There’s no way of knowing what you’re ingesting, and by cutting up books, you’re depriving people of the chance to read them. If you have old books you don’t want, donate them. However, I do support cutting up Catcher in the Rye, because I hate that book. Might be easier to stomach as chai.

Tina S. said

The librarian in me is shuddering in horror. The tea drinking addict is running to the loo to lose her lunch at the thought. No. Just no.

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