Saturday Sample Sipdown! Who's in?

I decided that with my boyfriend gone until late tonight and most of my work for the weekend done, today is the PERFECT day for a SATURDAY SAMPLE SIPDOWN!

I went to the post office today and had a sample from the wonderful Nicole waiting for me (to whom I owe a public apology for thinking she hadn’t sent me a package when she DID I just never knew from whom it came because there was no note! I AM FOREVER SORRY!)

Anyway, I have about 15-25 teas that I have never tried before in my “sample stash” and decided I am going to try to get through as many today as I can!

Who is with me?! :D

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Sil select said

I’m way ahead of you on that one today lol I have all of my tea spread out on the dining room table and I’m going through as many of them as i can today. Not just samples to sipdown but teas that I’ve purchased that I haven’t gotten around to trying yet :)

Sadly (or perhaps not) most of my samples that i’ve picked up are enough for 5+ cups so hard to sip down fast :)

Haha dang it! I was grading then running errands this morning so my first cup wasn’t as early as I was up! ;) Looking forward to hearing what you’re tasting! All my samples are spread out on the kitchen counter. Boyfriend doesn’t like me doing tea swaps, hence bringing out the handwritten unpackaged teas now, when he’s gone! O:-)

Sil select said

thankfully my other half is fine with me doing that sort of thing…though i suppose it might give some people pause. I guess i’m just trusting heh

He SWEARS I’m going to get poisoned tea. He is the most paranoid person I know!

Sil select said

haha i mean…i get it but I also have faith in the people on steepster :)

my partner is on steepster and I just challenged him to join us today :P

Sil select said

awesome kasumi! :)

Nicole said

My mom worried about the same thing with the swaps. I told her tea people are good folk. Even if some of us really should put a note in with our tea packages… :P

Sil select said

ok s i just told me other half about that…how it had never occured to me that people might do dastardly things to my tea in swaps…his response? oh man, that’s like the perfect alibi!

Kittenna said

Hahaha, I got samples from one person that I was a bit dodgy about…. but I since have tried them and I appear to still be alive, hooray!

yssah said

love your responses! rofl!

sounds great! been trying to do at least one sample a day for a while now.
I have 7 “sample size”(small baggies) to go left untouched, and a few larger samples of teas unopened.

my goal is to at least do the 6 “sample size”, save then single pu-erh cake bit I was sent

I have about 35 unlogged teas of other sorts, between full tins, to bagged teas(including one I just got 9 steeps from!) so I will add that I will try to fit in some of the bagged teas I need to log, if I meet my sample goal.

You can do it! :D

Sil select said

YAY! you can dooo eeeet!

Em said

I’m in :) Sounds like a great plan. Now I have to decide what to start with. How can it be 2:30 and I haven’t had one cuppa today?!?

I made a mistake of starting with oolong, and now I have to resteep a bunch of times from the same tea before moving on or else I feel like I’m wasting it!

Hah. exploring and thus resteeping oolongs and whites is why I am down to 2-3 new samples a day!

Em said

Started with a flavored black :) It was a little disappointing. Looking forward to the next.

Em said

This was fun! Thank you for the idea, Madeline Alyce!!

I think next Sunday should be the next Steepster Sample Sipdown! :D It’s fun to see a lot of reviews

Sil select said

next sunday i’m totally game! Since i won’t be able to on saturday since i get to hang out and play board games with friends! woot woot!

yssah said

starting w oolong is ok, maddie. you can pour hot water on your oolong cup at the same time as you pour for another tea ^^

I’m in…but out of anything “sample” size now, in loose leaf. will be doing 2-3 teas a day till then also…will see where I am at as far as tea tasting goals by then…just counted. at only 2 new teas a day, and counting resteeps, I only have about 2 weeks worth of unlogged tea. If I don’t use any teas that resteep (and don’t get any more tea in the mail) all week, I’m in!

This would be a good day for me to do that since I’m expecting several packages of tea today. However, they are mostly mate, and I worry what would happen to me if I drank 4 pots of mate in a day. I already tried one of the ones I got yesterday, though, and I will probably try the one non-mate tea I ordered if it comes today.

I’m going to start with some caffeinated teas, then move on to some decaf/rooibos that I have haha. Though I haven’t yet figured out if I grade easier or harder when I’m hopped up on caffeine haha :)

What kind of mates did you order? They are my new obsession :D

MissLena said

I’m in on this! Don’t know how far I will get though, my first sipdown is Laoshan Black, and I have to get as many cups out of these leaves as humanly possible! On the second one now haha. I need room for my new Verdant order that should be coming next week!

Sil select said

mmmm yeah that’s hard to do with teas like that! they keep on giving..and giving… :)

MissLena said

Yess tell me about it haha, oh well one sipdown is more progress than none I suppose :P and it’s a good one so it’s all good

Sil select said

well yes..except for the part about being out of laoshan black haha

MissLena said

Lol agreed, but I do have a sample of Golden Fleece that I still have to try..I’m waiting for the right moment for that one, I’m a bit nervous to be drinking such highly praised teas!

Sil select said

i actually like laoshan black better than golden fleece, which suits me fine though i’ve been holding on to my golden fleece heh

MissLena said

Now I want to compare them! Sigh, will probably have to get more Laoshan Black then lol, more tea!!

if I wasn’t so bloody hungover I would be all over this. Ive got samples coming out the wazoo.
I will see what I can manage today.

Feel better! This made me laugh out loud!

Sil select said

LOL the best cure for a hangover is tea! ummmm for sure…right? right.


I am willing to accept Kasumi’s suggestion, it is a good day to sample tea(s) due to the cold weather. I decided select 3 samples I have been considering trying. 1) Le Palis Des The’s: The’ Des Alize’s; 2)Simpson & Vail: Blue Mist Black; 3)an Almond Sugar Cookie blend.
Will be in touch with the results later. Cheers!

got all three tasted posting later than I thought my apologies. The first two are posted and can be seen in my Tasting Notes.
- the final tea (an Almond Sugar Cookie blend) was disappointing it failed to please as a after dinner tea. so I did not bother to post.

I have a problem now! Dogs finally settled down for a nap… On ME! Now I can’t make more tea unless I want to wake them up!

Sil select said


welcome to my life…only it is 4 cats….

here’s my mound of samples & teas I don’t want to restock

yup…that would be a mound!

Sil select said

nice! mine looks about the same lol i just wish they were smaller since i need to drink like 5 cups to sip them down!

Denny said


3 of the 7 loose leaf samples down…(not sipdown but logged) noticed 2 of the remaining are jasmines, one more is a gunpowder,(all of which I will likely love) so switching gears for a bit to power through some of the bagged teas that I know I won’t restock.

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