teas with the most value for money

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tperez said

Mountain Tea Co. has some oolongs that are good, pretty cheap, and very re-infusable. The Jin Xuan is very good and $13 per 5oz :)

Dr Jim said

I agree, though my favorites are Black pearl, and 4 seasons of spring.

tperez said

Mmm, I like those a lot too

noted :)

Dr Jim said


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zazen5 said

In general the oolong teas are longest lasting, with yerba mate too. Copper Knot Hongcha black tea from Teavana steeps well repeatedly. If you want Yerba Mate you are best to buy Union Yerba Mate, I get mine at http://totalitea.com/ at the Calgary’s Farmer Market, I got a kilo for $15. The white needle teas also last a long time. If you like a certain tea, try resteeping it several times to see what happens. Both the time length and temperature of the steeping will influence both the taste and the effects. This is really fun to do and part of the adventure that is tea.

i like oolong :)

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Grace said

Most cost effective puerhs – one cooked and one raw


Both are about ten dollars and both go for at least 8 infusions and usually more

For cost effective oolong I like this one



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I would have a look at Teavivre’s Oolongs. Fantastic quality for the price and I find they resteep until the cows come home!

wow, ok…i just got a sample of their iron goddess. will try that now

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Excelsior said

2012 FF Namring SFTGFOP1 (38 euros)
2012 FF Castleton SFTGFOP1 (40 euros)
Really expensive, really good, and worth every penny. Darjeelings are temperamental and if it’s not brewed properly, it can be really disappointing. Luckily Mariage will place suggested brewing instructions on each and every package.

these are Mariage teas? :)

Excelsior said

Yes they are. Tried almost every single one of the Mariage Freres 2012 Spring Flush Darjeelings. Sivitar, Ambootia, Happy Valley, Moondakotee, Margaret’s Hope, Namring, Namring Upper, Jungpana, Chamling, Bloomfield, Nurbong, Arya, Turzum, Gielle, Balsun, Springside, Orange Valley, Happy Valley, Castleton, Puttabong,and Mullootar. Out of all these teas those two teas I listed are the very best. This changes every year. In 2011, I favored the Spring Flush Jungpana, Namring Upper, and Castleton.

Excelsior said

It’s nice to have a wife that understands my passion for teas. Then again, she’s trained in the Japanese Tea Ceremony and recently, she’s more fanatical about Mariage Freres Spring Flush Darjeelings more than I am.

Happy Steeping!

wow, haha. cool!

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VeryPisces said

I love the question of quality, particularly for straight teas. I’m not much into the flavored stuff at all. Upton seems good in terms of bang for the buck but I’m still looking.

yeah, there’s so many to choose from and reviews differ according to individual tastes so that makes choosing so tricky! thank God for kind steepster swappers and sharers

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Ellyn select said

I’ve learned that often when I can find a local teashop (non-chain) the prices are more manageable then online. This is especially good when you are trying new teas as.many local shops do no have size minimums. while not every location has a local shop I think it is worth a look to try new things!

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flavored pu-erhs are an exception to my observation that many flavored teas do not hold up to re-steeps.

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Milo select said

Upton’s Oolong Se Chung (ZO10) is a great tea on any budget, but it’s ridiculously good at $4.90/100g. For yerba mate, any of the Las Marias yerbas (Taragui, Union, La Merced) pack lots of flavor, sweetness, and holy-cow-caffeine for as little as $8/kg.

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