Best Blueberry Teas?

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Maitri said

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh blueberry tea lovers I GOT IT!!!!

I don’t know what made me even think to look on eBay but I’ve bought tea there before ANDDDDD they had the 52 teas blueberry tea. It is 1.75 ounces for $10 + $4 shipping and he only had 2 bags and I almost bought them both since they are so hard to come by but I KNOW how many people here love it and I hoped you’d have a chance to get it. There’s only one left and here’s the link. Good luck! I’m so excited!

Blessings and Happy Sipping to all!


DaisyChubb said

NICE good find! Oh man I’m jealous, enjoy my dear, it’s a real treat!

Uniquity said

While I do enjoy the blueberry cream cheese danish, just be warned that if it is the old tea base it gets bitter easily, so steep it for 2.5 to 3 minutes if you’re sensitive to that. I must say that I don’t like seeing this tea resold at a profit for the ebay seller, but at least you get to try some.

yay! thanks for the tips, Maitri and Uniquity!

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Serenity said

Josie Jade was kind enough to share a sample of Blueberry Slim Life by Yogi Teas with me and I loved it. A quick bagged green tea on the go tea for a hike; it made me feel quite virtuous and healthy reading all the healthful ingredients but best thing? Tasted so good!

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Blueberry Creme from Della Terra

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So far Blueberry Fruit Tea from Teavivre.

I am spoiled by the yummiest fresh bluberries in the world. I have had blueberries from a lot of places & none have even come close to Northern Ontario blueberries.
The closest I have found in tea is the Blueberry Fruit from Teavivre.

Uniquity said

Ooh, I forgot about that one. I happen to think NS berries are the best but that’s just cuz I live here and can pick them in my own backyard. :) Teavivre’s blueberry IS excellent though!

This is one of my favorite herbals. So good!

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Jude said

Wegman’s Organic Blueberry Black and Blueberry green – with real blueberries, lots of flavor.

where do you get it?

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Anything Frank brews up blueberry related is delish. Keep a look out at 52teas! I’m a huge fan of blueberries, but often my love doesn’t translate well in tea form. Frank’s are good, and I like Blueberry Syrup from California Tea House. But that’s it so far!

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cuppaT said

My local grocery has been remodelling and I’ve found several bagged teas on sale that were just too cheap (ahem! I mean cost-effective) to pass up. One of these was Bigelow Wild Blueberry with Acai. A nice herbal — yet sweet enough and strong enough that one could probably mix it with a straight black or green.


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Karys said

I haven’t tried any others but Teavana’s Blueberry Bliss is VERY berry-y.

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Design- A- Tea made a great blueberry tea for me. I chose the black tea base and blueberry as both flavors. You can put a note in the comments section letting them know how strong you want the flavor, and they’ll do their best to accommodate you. What I loved most about mine is that while I could definitely taste the blueberry I could also taste the base tea (which was really good).

Sil select said

ooh nice to know :)

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Ninavampi said

52teas blueberry Cream cheese Danish is the absolute best blueberry tea I have had. It is so good intact, that I bought a pound of it! I will be buying another pound in the near future because it has become a must have.

I am also on the search for the perfect blueberry tea, and so have tried quite a few. DavidsTeas Blueberry Jam is also tasty, but not quite 52teas blueberry!

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