Nativ said

Searching for a good quality Yixing Teapot & Gaiwan?

Has someone here experienced with jktea stuff:

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Azzrian said

I know of others who have purchased from them before. I don’t recall any issues with this company. I personally love this one and have had my eye on it for some time but got a less expensive one that I love as well. I think that the shipping was what turned me off with JK even though their prices on items are reasonable but I love this one:

Nativ said

What about “lead free” issue?

Nativ said

This is a good one! nice piece.

BWare said

Well, if you are ever in the Los Angeles area, I could turn you on to two places that have good Yixing/Gaiwan gear…

1) Wing Hop Fung (in Chinatown)
2) Don’t know the name offhand (antique store in South Pasadena)

Nativ said

I Haven’t been in the US for 26 years…but I’ll defiantly come over to LA in my next trip. Thanks!

I know this discussion is extremely old, but I’m next to Pasadena right now on vacation. Is there any chance you remember the name of the antique store? Thank you for the China town tip by the way!

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