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Zage select said

Teavana's Silver Needle White Tea


I had never tried a white tea and was recently given a gift card for Teavana. So I decided to try out their unflavored white tea, Silver Needle. I just infused it using a Gaiwan and was so pleasantly surprised by the sweet after-taste. It is quite possibly one of my favorite teas now, but I’d like to find a similar tea from another tea company since I don’t really enjoy shopping at Teavana. Does anyone know a tea similar to Teavana’s Silver Needle tea? Or any other white tea recommendations. By the way, I’ve been mostly shopping for teas at Upton Tea Imports so I’d prefer something from them.

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Upton’s Kenyan Tinderent White (I think that’s what it’s called) is amazing! Actually I recommend getting a sample of the Ceylon White, White Assam and White Darjeeling (Arya Pearl I think) from them, all very interesting teas.

Zage select said

Thank you very much for the recommendations! Those all seem to be out of stock at the moment (except for the Ceylon), but I’ll be sure to try them once they have them.

Boo, I hope its a just a harvest thing!

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I haven’t had Teavana’s Silver Needle, but I’ve had Nature’s Tea leaf Silver Needle and it was surprisingly deliciously sweet http://www.naturestealeaf.com/white-tea/silver-needle-white-tea-w1.html
wow, $5 cheaper than Teavana
I’ve had Adagio’s Silver needle as well – and I prefer the Nature’s Tea Leaf much more as I found it more sweet.

Zage select said

Thank you, I’ll be sure to try their Silver Needle teas once I run out of Teavana’s.

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momo said

I love Teavivre’s silver needle. Here’s a sampler pack they have with it, a jasmine silver needle, and a bai mu dan: http://www.teavivre.com/white-tea-sample-packs/

Second this – I’ve only tried a few Silver Needle teas and I don’t think Teavana was among them, but I really liked Teavivre’s. It is slightly sweet and it smells amazing.

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Claire said

Mandala also carries a Silver Needle: http://shopmandalatea.com/white-tea/silver-needle-white.html
And the price is much more reasonable than Teavana.

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NM tea co has a silver needle

and persimmon tree
http://www.persimmontreetea.com/white-tea/silver-needle-tea.html (the sample size is less then $2.00

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I’m not big on white tea, personally. However, Pai Mu Tan (also known as White Peony or Bai Mu Dan), tends to be a little more enjoyable to me. It has a somewhat… sweet cucumber with a peppery finish taste. Though, subtle.

It looks like Upton has a couple of those, but I honestly haven’t tried them.

Oh, and if you ever get a chance, 52teas ginger ale white is AMAZING.

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Lynxiebrat said

I have a favorite Bai Mu Dan…called Blue Moon White from a local store..(Don’t know where they get it.) OMG. I’m going crazy because I only got like 6 more cups left and on a self imposed ban from buying any teas til March/April, so havn’t been drinking it….Other then that have only tried white teas mostly from Teavana’s (One from David’s.) Silver Needle is one of many I’m looking to try.

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Exidy said

My favorite white tea is a Fujian silver needle from Norbu tea. Like you, I was really shocked with how sweet and delicious it was when I first tried it. It’s become one of my favorites.


I am also partial to Bai Mu Dan white tea from Rishi. Moonlight White from Upton is really good, but the flavor is really different than silver needle. Have fun with all the options.

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