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darby select said

Need SCALE advice

I’m looking to get a new scale that will measure grams with an accuracy of at least .05
I’ve looking in the archives here but there are only a couple and old ones so the scales don’t necessarily exist.

Probably looking around $20 or so and prefer Amazon, Bed Bath Beyond, WalMart, Target for easy access.

I also prefer it to be fairly small to fit in my tea drawer.

Anyone have a scale they are in love with and want to share with us?

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Azzrian said

I have this one and it works perfectly. I have had this one 4 years – the one prior to that lasted me about 2 years but I dropped it lol

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Sillyvicen said

To get the accuracy/sensitivity that you are looking for I recommend Ohaus scales.


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Azzrian said

Oh sorry I don’t know if the scale I linked will do that type of accuracy or not.

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Sillyvicen said

Usually the ones that can weigh in larger amounts do not have that type of sensitivity unless you want to really want to pay for it, think triple digit price tag. The higher sensitivity, the larger quantity that can be weighed the higher the cost. If I was really on a tight budget and looking for a small cheap little sensitive scale I would head to my local smoke shops in the “back room” section and try to find a manual balance scale. They can be a PITA to use but good workhorses and they don’t require constant recalibration.

I like this one too http://www.saveonscales.com/products-page/100th/my-weigh-durascale-d2-300-digital-scale/

The one you posted is still a great deal, I might even pick one up for my kitchen.

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darby select said

Thanks for the help!

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Dr Jim said

I’ve been using two scales by this company for a year. This one meets your accuracy requirements, but I also have a scale that measures to 0.1 gm but up to 500 gm. The price is right at about $10. I like them both a lot. The only drawback is that they turn off pretty quickly to save batteries.

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looseTman said

Here’s another link for the scale Dr Jim mentioned:

The 20 g capacity of this model may be limiting for weighing larger portions of tea. However, it appears to have very fine accuracy for preparing tea:
“Weighs up to 20 grams in 0.001 gram increments”

This model is specifically marketed as a tea scale:

The Durascale D2 mentioned by Sillyvicen looks very appealing:
300 g capacity, 0.01 g accuracy, tare function, 30-yr warranty, $24.90 includes 48-state shipping. Calibration weight not included.

However, the AWS-100 has a 100 g capacity, 0.01 g accuracy, tare function, 10-yr warranty, and can be found for less than $15 including shp. Calibration weight also not included.

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