billyk said

New to Green Tea - Need Recommendations..

I have enjoyed green tea occasionally over the years, but have been mostly a black-tea-every-morning type of guy. A few months back, I gravitated to drinking green tea exclusively, initially starting with Tazo Green Tips in bags. I got hooked, having 2-3 cups in the morning, every day.

Then, at my local Wegman’s, I tried loose Tomo Sencha tea and thought I found heaven. Great tea IMO at an affordable price. I was brewing my loose tea and learning about infusions and water temperatures.

After a month or so, I bought a small amount of Megami Sencha at Wegman’s, since it is kind of pricey – at least from this noobie’s perspective. I got totally hooked, big time. It has a spinachy flavor with a deep green color. For me, I never had anything like it. I find it very delicious, very comforting and it provides a gentle buzz that might be more from the theanine than the caffeine – not sure.

I sometime drink oolong teas, and I still drink the Tomo Sencha, but there is something about the deep-green Megami that is far and away my favorite.

So, is Wegman’s Megami generally held as a particularly good tea, or is there a similar tea that you would recommend I try? Also, is there an affordable on-line retailer for purchasing green teas?

Thanks in advance.

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for similar types of Japanese green tea, I would start here if looking for affordability.

Den’s tea is also popular on steepster, but I have yet to try too many from them

Den’s does have a new to green tea starter/sampler pack for $3 too.

I have many other links on green tea, if you want to chat on it, just follow me.

billyk said

Following, and hoping to learn a few things.

pls include me in that pm Kasumi-sensei!

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ashmanra said

Go to the Teavivre website, click on Free Tea Tasting Activity, and use your Steepster info as your blog info. You then select five teas you would like to try free! And they are an awesome company. Their Huang Shan Mao Feng is one of my favorites, and I love their Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearl and Superfine Downy Jasmine Dragon Pearls. Their Lung Ching is also amazing. Have fun picking! They may even send you more after a period of time!

how do you find this steepster blog info link?

thanks, I had found that link, was confused on something else, but figured it out.

tperez said

No way, how did I not know about that? Thanks for mentioning it! :)

you didnot know about that? I knew of it, but did not know I could use my steepster info for the blog addy :)

billyk said

Done! Thanks!!

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ashmanra said

When you go to and click on the Free Tea Tasting Activity, it will take you to a page to fill in some info. Where it asks for your blog address, just use Steepster. You could also just start following them on Steepster (Angel at Teavivre is who you will be in touch with, or possibly Mary) and send them an email. They will handle the details through emails as well, getting your preferences, shipping address, etc. and it is free!

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billyk said

Wow – what a wonderful forum.
Thanks for the advice so far.

Login or sign up to post a message. is also very helpful (not sure if I have had the tea yet) the links below from the site are good places to start learning about types of green.

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I second the Den’s Tea sampler – it’s only $3 and it comes with a $3 coupon for the next order. I got mine a few months ago and it came with 5 tea bags and 3 packages of loose leaf. It also came with a booklet with more information on Japanese green teas, like describing each type/flavors.

billyk said

I’ll look into that. Thanks!

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I usually find Wegman’s teas to be stale. Den’s Tea sampler is a great way to try a few new Japanese green teas. Also, Harney and Sons has a nice sencha that is $12 for 4 oz. You can also try some samples from them as well.

If you’re looking for a really nice sencha, Zen Tea has 100g packet of Sencha Superior Uji for $22.

how can you tell if it is stale or not?

It’s one of those things where you just know, it’s not nearly as flavorful, it tastes flat, smells flat, the color can even be flat looking. Once you have a fresh or well kept tea you will know the difference. It’s like eating stale chips or cereal all your life, and then you suddenly have new chips, it’s like night and day.

Fresh senchas are usually a nice bright emerald green. They are strong grassy, buttery, with umami, very savory. Stale senchas will just be a bland grassy taste. I would give Dens Tea sampler a try so you can see and taste the difference. The sampler is only $3, you get five teas, three are loose leaf, two are bagged. It’s worth trying.

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i typed wegman in the search box (upper right corner of the page)
clicked on any product of wegman’s in the drop-down
clicked on the wegman link under the product name
clicked on see all (upper right corner of page)

you will see all wegman products that are in here.

your Megami isnt here tho. so you have the privilege of making the entry for it. add it to your cupboard. and make a tasting note and/or rating.

i also typed Megami and saw that ito en has it in their line up.

(am i starting to sound like a tea nerd or what? maybe just a steepster nerd, haha)

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