Lala said

Jasmine tea at Chinese restaurants

I am wondering if anyone knows what kind of tea is generally served in Chinese food restaurants when you ask for Jasmine tea. It tastes like Jasmine green tea but has rose buds in it. I have tried many types of jasmine and green teas, and jasmine tea with jasmine buds but that is not it. Does anyone have any ideas? When I ask what kind of tea it is the servers answer chinese tea or jasmine tea.

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It seems to depend on the particular restaurant. I have had jasmine green, jasmine oolong, other oolong, and Chinese Red (what westerners call black) tea at various places. There are Jasmine + rose blends too. Could it possibly be one of those?

Lala said

Thanks. You made a good point that it could pretty much be anything, depending on the restaurant. Im leaning towards a jasmine green tea rose blend. Do you have any suggestions for something I could try at home to see if it is the same?

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I have not had any of those 2 combined personally, but If I recall correctly I got my mom a sample of a Simpson & Vail rose, jasmine and sunflower. (it should be somewhere on my shopping list! LOL) there are rose + jasmine blends here on steepster if you want to start your search here.

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Will said

I think it depends on the area. Where I live (an area with a lot of Chinese immigrants), most restaurants use cheap teabags of some sort – usually jasmine or some kind of generic oolong). Brewed this way, it’s sometimes hard to tell anyway. At higher end places, like Cantonese seafood restaurants, you will have a choice of tea (usually the choices will be something like jasmine, greenish tieguanyin, ripe pu’er, ripe pu’er blended with chrysanthemum flowers, chrysanthemum by itself).

I have seen chrysanthemum blossoms blended with teabags — usually I would think this would be mixed in with an earthier, non-flower-scented tea.

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seule771 said

I think they generally give you oolong tea or plain green tea. Most likely it is oolong tea. I don’t recall ever having had Jasmine tea with my meals as I would have remembered since it is so very strong.

I must say that I have not visited/eaten in Asian restaurant for many years now. No income, sorry to say.

I have always liked the teas serve to me with my order.

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