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It's cccold hhhere, so I'm drinking hot tea.

My apartment was 63, so I turned on the heat, I hope it works OK. In the mean time, I’m sipping hot chai spice tea. My mom said I should bake something. Maybe I will make cake in a mug via the microwave. I was wrapped up in a comforter.

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Josie Jade said

Oh, I’m freezing too! We have our heat set to 74 and it’s still chilly. I’m sitting here wrapped up in a comforter on the couch with my dogs waiting for my fiancee to come home and turn on the fireplace! A mug cake sounds yummy!

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T.C. said

Laying in my bed which has fleece sheets (soooo warm and comfy) sipping on some hot chai myself.

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Novi said

Freezing here, too! At my job, the weather was so cold overnight that one of the water pipes burst. Which meant staying home under the blankets and trying a bunch of new teas!

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cuppaT said

Umm, perhaps your mom said you should bake something because the oven heat will help warm your living quarters. (When you take whatever you baked out of the oven, leave the oven door wide open until the oven cools.) This will not work using a microwave. Just sayin’.

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BoxerMama said

Our furnace at work broke overnight. It was -40 last night and we were walking around in parkas waiting for the repair man. Happy my thermal cup is amazing!

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Lynxiebrat said

Ekkkk! Pretty cold here too. I don’t think it got above 10 degrees out today. I woke up really late (2pm. I am a nite owl, I love staying up til about 3-4am writing, researching or bouncing online or watching movies.) and the thermostat said 60! I have no freaking clue as to how it got that low. So of course it took forever for it to get back to a normal temperature. For me that’s about 72-74. I will be so happy when Spring is finally here. Yeah I know, we probably got at least another Month or two.

Denny said

Yeah the winter is my least favorite season, so when Feb rolls around I know it’s not too long.

Lynxiebrat said

Actually in some ways, Feb is the worst month because it seems to take forever to finish. Guess we’ll have to see whether ol’ Phil will see his shadow or not.

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I already had 2 clients cancel today because it’s too cold to go outside…I want to go home and snuggle up!! My office was 62 when I walked in, which is actually tropical compared with Vermonts current -14

Questioning my decision to move here currently, going to go through a lot of tea today and a really hot bath tonight!

Stay warm Steepsterites!!

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Just MJ said

It’s 8 degrees this morning, MN is having a heat wave! My poor car is so angry with me that I had to drive it to work. Rather be here than at home tho, the baseboard heat is cranked to 90 but the thermostat just doesn’t seem to be able to get past 63. Time to bust out the earl grey and thaw myself from the inside out. Because I needed another reason to make tea o_O

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It’s 13 degrees here, which sounds almost balmy compared to the temperatures some of you are posting! However, I am a complete wuss when it comes to cold weather, so I am freezing. This is sure to be a day when I constantly have a cup of hot tea in hand (currently a second infusion of Harney and Sons Boston Blend).

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Dinosara said

Ditto to everything. It is 14°F here, which I know is nothing compared to some parts of the continent, but I live in nearly the south! Our house is not built for this cold weather… we have no insulation in the ceiling/roof! Hard to keep our house warm right now.

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