TheKesser said

Adagio Teas

Got a question, What does everyone think of Adagio teas? I’m seriously considering placing an order soon, but I’m wondering if people here like their teas or not.
I’m a pretty serious Davidstea fan. I love the customer service, the quality of the tea, and the flavour options that they offer. But I’m seeing that Adagio is pretty awesome with varieties as well.

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Josie Jade said

I went crazy with Adagio’s little sample packs once I first really started drinking loose leaf tea. We love the IngenuiTea steeper in our house and just purchased another one so we now have two of them because we use them so often. I haven’t placed an order with Adagio recently because I haven’t ran out of any of my favorites yet, but overall I’m very happy with them. Very fast shipping and they have so many teas that it’s easy to order a lot of samples to see which ones you really like. My favorites are Cream and Earl Grey Moonlight. You can also create your own blends which is so much fun!

tperez said

I find they have an awesome selection, and decent prices (for the most part) and that the teas are usually good, but not amazing. I haven’t tried any of their blends though.

I also find its worth it to try samples of their teas to rack up points and then I get my paper strainers for free with enough points. I like their tea, it isn’t my go to but I would recommend it. Great customer service and fast shipping

I started off with their little samplers too! However, if you are located in Canada, their shipping price is really awful.

if you like DT for fun blends, I’d also check out Della Terra Teas.

They’re decent. Not great quality, but a good middle-of-the-road, everyday basic sort of tea. I do like them, I really do.

Uniquity said

I have only tried two fandom blends but I found the base tea (black) to be really harsh and bitter, so it was hard to enjoy them. Trying any more than that is out of the question as their shipping to Canada is astronomical.

TheKesser said

I couldn’t believe it when I saw how much the shipping was to Canada! I’m fortunate that I live close enough to the states that I can get it shipped there and just go over and get it. If I didn’t have that option I wouldn’t even think about ordering from them unless someone was willing to split the cost with me, and even then, I don’t know if I would.

Kamyria said

Oh, I can relate… I actually made up an order, wanted to try many different samples and then I saw the shipping charges… Atrocious!! Of course I ended up not proceeding with the order…

The funny thing about Adagio is that I don’t often like their flavored teas but some of their straight teas are wonderful.

Tamm said

Okay here is my take as about 70% of my cupboard atm is Adagio.
Tea: the blends are just fun. Some are amazing, some are meh. I dislike their flavored whites and oolongs because they tend to be a bit oily and under flavored. Their flavored blacks are much stronger. Their plain teas are quite nice. One of the best things about this company is that they offer so many cheap samples.
Shipping: Their shipping is excellent. I always get my packages within 3-4 days of purchase.
Points: Major thing here is that a lot of my tea has been free. If you post on Facebook daily and purchase tea you get points which can be converted to gift certificates. As I’m on a budget atm this has really gotten me through the past year.
Advice: I’d say read the reviews on Steepster over the ones on the Adagio site. I rarely agree with the Adagio posters. Secondly, if you look at the Zodiac tins they have proven to be a really great value as you get a tin, 3-4oz of tea, and both that I’ve tried are very, very good (at $9).

TheKesser said

Awesome! Thanks for all the info!
I didn’t even know about the points. I love that. I wish more companies offered that. If Davidstea did that, I’d be rolling in the tea! haha I think I might start with the sample sizes and work my way up just to see what I like and don’t like. I order mostly black and herbal/rooibos teas, so hopefully they are good.

Tamm said

Your welcome!
I agree about the points. They are very, very generous with them. They’ve also taken to giving me samples with each purchase, usually just a single bagged tea.
If you like rooibos I’d really suggest the green rooibos citron. That tea is very, very good and especially for the price! Their chamomile is really tasty.

Adagio has a great webpage and great customer service. However, their tea is subpar at its pricing point IMO. At least their flavored teas. For flavored teas I much prefer Della Terra if being economical or 52 teas if money is not a concern. In the price range of Adagio you also have Upton Tea Importers (who also have TONS of cheap samples), Harney and Son, Persimmon Trea. My next place to try is steepcityteas who is having a 15% of sale this month ( code is steepsterdeal)

I have a lot of their tea at the moment. (Thanks to gift cards.) Try the sample sizes. So far, I rather like the Earl Grey Moonlight, Spiced Apple Chai, and Apple black tea.

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