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Teas(or actually tisanes) that will definitely make you sleep?

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I’ve had good luck with a few cheap-o bagged teas — Tazo Rest (which has valerian) and Traditional Medicinals Easy Now. Sometimes, though, I think it’s just having a hot beverage right before bedtime that helps.

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Well, I don’t know that this tea physically contributes to putting me to sleep, but just the name evokes pleasant thoughts: 1001 Nights Loose Leaf Jasmine Tea. I end up remembering all sorts of pleasant stories and drift off quite nicely.

I found this one at http://www.goldenmountainteahouse.com/1001-nights-loose-leaf-jasmine-tea/

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SusaCraw said

We have mint tea before bed because that is my teenage son’s favorite but it tends to give us crazy dreams: has anyone else had this reaction to mint tea?

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Serenity said

Has anyone tried Dr Stuart’s Valerian Plus? I believe that it used to be called Dr Stuart’s Vespers Tea. I’ve heard good things about it. It’s on my wish list. : ) Sweet dreams, Steepsters!

lteg select said

I haven’t drank that tea, but I have tried valerian as a sleep aid before and didn’t personally find it effective. I know some people that say it works for them though, so it might be worth a try if you need help sleeping. Melatonin is the only thing I’ve found works on me, but I just take it as a pill with some Sleepytime Vanilla tea :)

Valerian is supposed to be pretty good for mild sleep troubles. My sleep troubles are not mild so I actually take trazodone every night (after trying just about every other sleep aid on the market, prescription and non-prescription).

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Cuppa Crew said

We’re BIG fans of chamomile with a bit of pure vanilla extract (typically made with a bourbon or vodka, even the stuff you buy at any grocery store). A nightly cuppa in our homes. :)

K S said

Maybe a dumb question but how do you add the extract? I love vanilla chamomile.

Cuppa Crew said

Sorry! Just saw your reply!

I just grab the bottle of extract and add two to three drops of vanilla (to taste) to the steeped cuppa. Simple is best, IMHO. :-D

K S said

Thanks. I should have just asked my wife. She thinks I’m a little obsessed – of course she is right – and I figured you wouldn’t roll your eyes :)

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Cavocorax said

I’m a big fan of DavidsTea’s Mother Little Helper. It has chamomile AND valerian root and I find it helps me to relax at night, while still having a pleasant taste. http://www.davidstea.com/organic-mother-s-little-helper?&TF=&DEID=

This is my go-to in the evening. Works everytime.

Valerian root gives me the CRAZIEST dreams. I learned that the hard way!

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