forsythia said

Tower of London by Harneys

Miss Starfish mentioned this tea in the “go-to tea” thread. I think I’ll order this, anyone else give it a favorable review? Flavored teas are somewhat new to me, the Royal Wedding tea I was not happy with at all; but the Diamond Jubilee was good, and Paris.

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forsythia said

Oh, I see I should have started with the tea review pages. Is there a review there, I wasn’t sure how many reviews to scroll through.

ashmanra said

If you like Diamond Jubilee and Paris, you will love Tower of London!

Donna A said

I found Tower of London and Paris to be similar, but I may have preferred Tower of London just a bit. Also, it grew on me after the first time I had it. So, I would definitely recommend you give it a try.

forsythia said

Paris has a hint of chocolate in it don’t you think? I never had anything like that before but I surprised myself by liking it.

Donna A said

Forsythia, I can’t recall about the chocolate, but I’m not always good at picking up on subtle nuances.

cuppaT said

There are 35 reviews of this tea here. Go to Teas; click H on the right under Companies; scroll to Harney & Sons; find Tower of London and click on it.

Crocuta said

That one’s on my to-try list. I loved Paris.

I really love Hot Cinnamon Sunset, Paris, Tower of London and Vanilla Comoro (decaf). Some of Harney’s I find can get really astringent really quickly, but not those four. Now I wish I brewed up some Tower of London this morning. :D

Lynxiebrat said

Tower of London is the 1st Harney tea I tried, and I love it. Unfortunately I only got maybe 2 bags left, and I don’t think a full tin would fit in my cupboard right now…and my logical side is telling me I should try more tagalongs of H&S tea before getting any tins of it. Based on that, and on the cup of Earl Grey Supreme, if I had to name a favorite tea company right now, it would be Harney and Sons.

Wrote a good review for Tower as well not to long ago.

Donna A said

Earl Grey Supreme is probably my favorite Earl Grey.

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