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good teapots, amsterdam or chatsford

I’m looking for a good tea pot finally, and I’ve had a few companies/items in mind but could anyone help me decide?
I really want an all white one, because my current color scheme is black and white for my room and the white would go with either my harry potter mugs or my black and white bone china mug.
I also would really like one with a built in infuser, probably a 4-6 cup so I could have at least two mugs from one pot[for me or to share with a friend].

so I really like the chatsfords:
These are what I’m looking at currently:
http://www.englishteastore.com/am6cuwh.html[I know it’s currently out of stock]
http://www.devotea.com/index.php/chatsford/teapots/[4 cups]
Upton has the chatsford teapots regularly and then there are these:
goo.gl/LuSGw on clearance, I am worried however with the ‘slight cosmetic defects’ and how noticeable they would be.

let me know which one you think would work best, and

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I highly recommend a Chatsford. I have ordered two from Upton on their clearance and both are perfect. Remember, you can use the leaves at least twice, so a four cup may be large enough. I have the two cup size and sometimes that is more tea than I personally want in one seating. I would also recommend ordering an extra infuser basket, that way you could have two teas going at the same time. Pm me if you have more questions about the Chatsford.

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Em said

I really like the Amsterdam I purchased from the English Tea Store. I bought 2 of the 2 cup sizes for the same reason threewhales suggests it. They are really affordable and work well. Love them!!

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Dr Jim said

I’m also very happy with the 2-cup Amsterdam pot I bought from the English tea store. They don’t say so but it comes with small holes blocking the spout that will keep large leaves in the pot, though not CTC. I use the pot at work for green and oolong tea. And it cost less than $6!

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I’m in love with my 2-cup Amsterdam from ETS. It’s great. Also have two of the tea cups. Sierra Rose is exactly the same color as it looks on the website, and it keeps tea decently warm!

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anyone else have any teapot opinions?

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Uniquity said

I use the Bubble teapot from Davids most of the time. I also use their Perfect Tea Mug at work. Very nice infuser in both which doesn’t let much through but has lots of room for expansion. The pot doesn’t drip and the lid fits whether the infuser is in or not. I love it!

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david said

check out ours… $10 with a built in ceramic infuser. Not too shabby, but we recommend the gravity infuser. Our Cast Iron pots are beautiful as well.


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any thoughts on Adagio’s Personalitea?

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