Adagio Tea Superbowl game- free tea!

A couple of squares left if anyone is interested!
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mrmopar said


After I posted this, I realized I can’t find my square from last night! I’ve emailed adagio :(

tperez said

I thought the same thing, but if you look at the bottom of the page theres “filled sheets” :)

T.C. said

Entered, thanks!

ooh! Haha I’ll look again. Thanks! I feel dumb now!!!!

Yeah, I think they keep filling up boxes and starting new ones :)

I THINK I finally found me in game #10!

SimplyJenW said

I signed up for this and don’t even know what the prizes are….. :/

Azzrian said

Free tea each quarter and free tea pot for final score.

Alphakitty said

My numbers are pretty good (0-4) but my bf got the worst ones ever (3-5) XD. Well, I guess 5-8 would be worse…

Azzrian said

Try 5-7 mine are crud too lol

looseTman said

Did anyone end up winning the free tea or teapot?

T.C. said

Not me :(

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