Uniquity said

Ads on Steepster?

I am seeing spammy ads on the bottom and right side of Steepster all of a sudden, but not anywhere else. This could be some funky malware/adware but I thought I’d check and see if I’m alone. Totally a new one on me!!

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No ads for me. I’m at school, so no ad blockers apply.

Lala said

I have not noticed anything. I mostly access steepster via iPad, not sure if that makes a difference or not.

T.C. said

none for me

K S said

I am not seeing any ads.

Zoltar said

No ads here either

Uniquity said

Very very weird. I’ll have to ask the beau if he recognizes the root of the problem when he gets home. It’s extremely annoying!

Thanks for letting me know I’m alone on this one. :)

I have an add blocker on Chrome, so maybe there are ads, but I don’t see them. Maybe check if you have an add blocker or if it’s turned off.

I’m not using an ad blocker and I’m not seeing any ads. I wouldn’t mind ads on Steepster though…as long as they were ads for tea.

Uniquity said

I seem to have sorted it out. It was a toolbar that I didn’t install and only bothered Steepster. Weird, but I’m glad it’s gone. Thanks all!

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