Ichabod said

Steeper/Tea Maker suggestions?

Hi Everyone! I’m new to this community. I have always grown up with tea in my fam, but recently have become re-addicted to tea. I especially am into herbal blends. I currently have a traditional tea pot, a tea ball, and a mini steeper that makes about half a cup of tea at a time. I’m looking to adding a new tea making device… I would like to stay under $40. I’ve been eyeing the Teavana perfect tea maker… but I also saw a David’s tea one, and the Ingenuatea…. Any opinions? Which brand? Size? Am I missing out on something totally cool? Thanks for your help!!!

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T.C. said

First off YES, get one of those devices. They are sooooo nice and easy to make tea in and easy to clean up. All can be had for around $20 and are totally worth the investment.

That said, they are all very similar. I personally have the Ingenuitea….my friend has the one from Teavana. They both work the same and look mostly the same. I’d just get the one thats easiest or cheapest for you to get.

I use the 16oz and that’s perfect for me or me and my friend. If you plan for more people you could go 32….but honestly I’ve never needed it.

Ichabod said

is it easy to take apart to clean?

T.C. said

Yeah, lid comes right off. You can toss it in the dishwasher if you’d like. I just pull the leaves out then rinse it out with water fast and it’s good for my next cup. I’ll run it though the dishwasher once a week but it stays very clean with just a good rinsing.

I have an ingenuitea and I love it. I was just looking at enjoyingtea.com and they have one for sale right now.

Ichabod said

thanks for the heads up

Gabriela said

I have the one from David’s Tea and it is great. Highly recommend it.

david said

First, welcome to the community – it’s a great one and a great world.
We sell a gravity infuser (similar to David’s Tea), and you can get 15% off using February code “steepsterdeal”


just saying :)

Ichabod said

cool! Thank you for the welcome! I have been hinting to the boyfriend that I want a gravity infuser for valentine’s day… I think I’ll just sneak him the code and link somehow

I’ve been wanting one of those gravity steeper devices too, but ALL of them are plastic! Anyone seen any that are glass?

Fiddling said

I haven’t seen any made from glass, but most of the plastic ones are BPA free including the models from Adagio, DAVIDsTEA, and Teavana.

Do you really think such a breakable version would even sell? The entire point is that they are dummy-proof and easy to use, not something people have to be really careful with.

the Piao I Cup is glass (the link is below in this same thread) and similar to the gravity steepers it seems.

cteresa said

The plastic is intentional and very very nice plastic, medical grade plastic (sounds cheap, it´s not) which is more expensive than glass and which handles perfectly. I really think the polymer in the filter I use is much better than glass would be, light, tough, less thermal dilation.

Em said

Welcome! I purchased a Smart Tea Maker from Teajo Teas at Christmas. I love love love it. It’s BPA free and easy to clean. Right now Teajo has all their stuff 20% off. http://www.teajo.com/product_info.php?cPath=30&products_id=42

Em said

I used to only use a teapot. Now I only use this because it’s so handy!

Ichabod said

thanks for the welcome! thanks for the link!

Ichabod said

I have a really tiny version of it that my dad gave me. It’s been fine when I travel, but I would check the size. The steeper takes up half the volume. But because mine was smaller, it made a perfect oolong. Not sure how it would be with herbal infusions though… (hence me looking to upgrade in size)

I discovered them locally actually. love the small size, just worried about breaking it.

In addition to the tea makers already suggested, I think no tea cupboard is compete without a few infuser/filter baskets like these:



I have several infusers in these styles, and I use them all the time. They’re very handy when you want to brew several different kinds of tea at once.

Agreed. They’re probably my most-used infusers, moreso than my DAVIDs gravity steeper. I have three that came with perfect mugs, and one that came in my bubble teapot, and I use them interchangably. They’re great for when I have friends over and we all want a different tea.

I keep a box of DAVIDs drawstring filter bags at work, just because it’s the easiest thing to use and I don’t need to have to worry about washing an infuser basket (or other device) in the dog bath tub between teas, I can chuck the whole bag when it’s all tapped out into the compost can and make a fresh cup/variety. I much prefer using a basket, but again, for my nights at work, the bags are just that much more convenient

cteresa said

Get a normallish small strainer. preferrably stainless steel. I can get one for 2-3 euros, I guess anybody anywhere can get one for about the same price.

And ok, to get fancy get a small bowl about the same size to rest the strainer and use it with any normal china pot (or several, several sizes or tuypes). Warm the pot, put the loose leaf inside, put water at correct temperature, wait then use strainer to pour it. Nothing else required. You are not going to get better tea or more convenience from a gravity infuser.

I got a gravity infuser like the ones mentioned, it´s the cha cult magic filter II capacity .5 liters and while it is useful (particularly for rooibos or multiple steeps of the same tea) it is really not necessary for most occasions nor any easier to use. It´s a gimmick and useful for rooibos, BUT not really necessary. And to clean it I always end up using my normal little strainer to keep the loose tea from going down the drains and clogging it. I find it much easier to use the strainer and water to clean it than try to pick the (hot) loose tea leaves with my fingers from the filter to dump on trash or composting matter. Even if you get a gravity infuser, get a small strainer in any case.

Uniquity said

I’ve never been a gravity infuser fan. No specific complaints as I don’t own one, I’m just not interested in them. At home I primarily use the Bubble Teapot from David’s which has a large metal infuser basket and at work I use the Perfect Tea Mug (also from Davids) which has a similar basket. I also have the drawstring filters for when I am too lazy to clean my mug. I have a gaiwan at home for when I do gongfu sessions but those are few and far between, sadly.

I happen to have a large collection of other pots as people love to give me them but I find I rarely have need for more than one of each steeping device. As people learn that you love tea they will give you more and more devices to steep it in. :)

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