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Nina's Tea

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Dustin said

Mine arrived yesterday! I tried the Virgo and it was a super yummy cherry and rose rooibos. I need to drink another cup and finish my review!

Thank you Laurent!

Virgo is magic! the mix Rose and Cherry is gorgeous

Dustin said

I now have it on my Amazon wish list in case anyone needs any hints of what to get me!

I noticed the shipping was a little on the steep side. Can you do reduced or combined shipping rates if we were buying multiple teas through Amazon?

I’m also curious to know if you have suggested steeping times for the various Nina’s teas.

sure we ll reduced the shipping price. but the shipping in amazon it isn t easy.

tell me what do you want and we ll see what we can do for a combined shipping


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darky said

is this free sample thing counting for europe to? Would love to try out this teacompany to! :)

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cuppaT said

No samples yet . . . sigh!

You’re not alone :]


the Canadian tea lover ll receive the tea maybe tomorrow…..


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Stella select said

I have waited and waited to get your teas!!! Now I can order in the U.S. lol

sure you can right now if you want !

thanks a lot…



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jarhoops said

I received my samples in the mail this week, thanks SO much! I tried my first tea this evening, The de Vendome. It was truly awesome. I plan to order some once I’ve tried my other samples. Thanks so much for sharing your great teas with us!


thanks for your time.

i ll really appreciate if you can give a tasting note in stepster and amazon….

thanks a lot


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For all Stepster’s Member i ll put 3 free samples of your choice into each order from now to the 14th Feb @ 04:30PM AEST


teapot1 said

Hi Laurent,
Looking at the pdf you sent there are to “virgo” teas. One cherry and one chocolate. Looking at Amazon I’m only seeing one “virgo”. Which one is it? Thank you!


onamazon the virgo is the cherry one! in my pdf the other virgo is in fact aquarius!


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Lazey said

I got my samples today, made tasting notes on Jamais vu, pretty good stuff.

Thnks Lazey,

i ll appraciate if you put a tasting note on amazon and into the tasting area in steepster.

thanks a lot


Sil select said

Ooh yay…glad that one seems tasty as I picked that one. Now it just needs to get here! Stupid Canada shipping takes forever lol


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I received my samples just now! I can’t wait to try them!

Enjoy… what flavor you received?

Hepburn, The des Anges, and The de Noel :)

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momo said

There’s another error I found in the catalogue, the sur la lune is listed as the sur de lune.

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CK select said

My samples came today, pretty fast to Hawaii :) I will be trying something tonight but which one… decisions, decisions. Woo-Hoo!


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