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wambli said

Teavana in Phoenix

Well I am going to visit Teavana in Phoenix today. Yes I know… but it is the only place I found in Phoenix for tea and teaware. Time permitting I will try Seven Cup in Tuson if I can break away from stuents. Two hours from here. Think prices in store will be more than online?

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Cofftea said

price of product + shipping when bought online should be approx the cost of the same product + tax (if applicable) when bought in store although stores in different areas of the country may have different prices. I know I can get Rishi products at a local store (not a Rishi store) for slightly cheeper than I would online when factoring in shipping.

ditto, the store usually eeeks by as slightly cheaper – if you are NOT going out of your way (otherwise after travel cost and time they’re even)

SoccerMom said

AmazonV, Speaking of purchasing at the store. I went to World Market looking for the ROT Spring Cherry and they did not have it either:( (they had over 50 ROT varieties but not ours). On a good note I mailed your teas today! :)

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Erin said

I’m not sure about prices, but buying in the store allows you to buy a specific amount. Online, the smallest amount you can get is 2 oz. In stores, you can buy however much you want, which should save you money because it allows you to buy less than the 2 oz. I much prefer this way, because who wants to buy 2 oz. of tea that they’re not even sure they’re going to like?

Cofftea said

What’s the smallest amount you can buy? At our local tea shop, it’s 1oz. Do they offer free samples? At our tea shop they have 7 different ones a day and you can get a 16oz cup of tea for 99 cents of any of the samples of the day.

Erin said

I’ve only ever been there once. It was one in Bridgewater, Jersey. It was also like a year ago, and I wasn’t into tea then, so I honestly don’t remember the smallest amount you can get. However, I do remember them giving free samples.

teavana minimum is 2 ounces, they have free samples of certain blends only (listed online), however you can get a 16 ounce cup prepared, so if your on the fence, pay for the prepared tea, sip and enjoy while wandering the mall, then come back to purchase or not

Cofftea said

2oz? poop.

Erin said

Maybe there was some kind of promotion going on when I was there? Or maybe I just didn’t know what 2 oz. was back then, since I wasn’t into tea.

I don’t know. I think the Bridgewater store does let you purchase in less-than-2-oz sizes. At least that’s what a friend of mine who’s shopped there has led me to believe. :P So maybe some stores are different? I don’t know. I myself haven’t been in there, ’cuz I just buy it online.

I understand that you can purchase blends at the store, though. Online, you’d have to buy 2 oz of each tea you want to combine, resulting in 4 oz of a blend, but at the store I’m pretty sure you can get 2 oz of the blend.

@The quiet life yes if you want a blend you can get 2 ounces of blend instead of 4. It may also be just the two teavana near me with the minimum (high rent at the fancy mall perhaps?)

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TeaParT said

Did you check the Steepster “Places” option at the top for Phoenix, AZ? I’m sure that you could find some other non-chain tea stores. I always enjoy checking out the local tea & spice shops whenever I travel. Sometimes it is a bust but most of the time I find something unique that is easy to pack. Better than bringing home another tacky souvenir.

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