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Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Cavocorax said

Nothing yet. Still have a few swaps incoming that could be here ANY DAY. :D

I also JUST rec’d an email from Teavana letting me know that my order had shipping, along with the tracking number. This is the same Teavana order that arrived last week. :P (It’s probably because I’m a Canadian customer and they were waiting for a Canadian tracking number. LOL)

VariaTEA said

Teavana really is something special. The same thing happened to me.

It isn’t just Canadian customers, the very same thing happened to me and I’m in the states.

Kat said

I had the same thing happen to me. It was a HUGE problem, because UPS refuses to deliver to my apartment right now, and I would have called and had them change the shipping directions, but I couldn’t. They ended up sending it back to Teavana.

However, with that said, Teavana was actually pretty great about fixing the issue. I explained the situation, and they are sending the package back the day it was received to another address. (My parents’ address, since I know it will be ship there without issue, and I’ll be visiting soon.)

I was really mad about not getting the shipping information, but I’m less inclined to be angry since it was dealt with well and with a great deal of tact.

I’ve ordered from Teavana before, and never had such a weird delay (it was over three days between when I got the shipping information and when the package was actually sent) so I wonder what’s up. I’ll never order from them again short of an awesome sale.

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My Rishi order came in! I’m excited to finally have some more serene dream, I’ve been out of it for months.

My Adagio order came in on Monday, but I’m really disappointed with it. I could tell there was a problem when I picked it up off my front porch and heard a clinking sound. I ordered a tasting set as well as a few samples and was really surprised to see that there was no bubble wrap to keep my tasting set from sliding around the huge box. No wonder it broke during shipping. I emailed Adagio first thing Monday morning and haven’t heard a peep from them, but at least I was able to easily print a return label.

Lariel select said

I’ve never ordered anything except tea and pantry items from them.

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Della Terra 12 Days of Christmas sampler box and 2 ozs of Winter Nog and Eight Candles! <3

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I can’t believe how amazing all my steepster friends are! I received yet another out of the blue tea package yesterday! This one from KallieBoo! It’s like it’s my tea birthday! She included some chocolate and some teas I’ve been wanting for sooooo long and extra of my sweet sweet weeping angel:):)
So kind of you girly! Thank you! Days like these make me so happy.

Today I received the traveling tea box from Shelley_Lorraine !!! Wow I say this each time but this one is definitely the biggest one yet. Kind of over whelming.

I also got my Black Friday Mandala order. Small but sweet! And I got 2 samples with it too!

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Dinosara said

Just got back into town and went to pick up my Dammann advent calendar at the post office! Plus they threw in 3 free samples. Yayyyy Dammann!

Beyond jealous !

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Got my first 52Teas order in the mail today :)

VariaTEA said

Yay! It is always exciting when you finally get an order from a company you read so much about. I was so happy when my 52 teas order arrived.

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Sil select said

My Yezi Tea order arrived today..but i’m still under 150! haha Excited for these teas and totally impressed with how fast it arrived! other companies not in canada take note! :)

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Dexter3657 said

I got my Yezi tea order today!!! (OK I got a card yesterday, but picked it up today) AND I got my 52teas order. Good mail day!!!

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Kaylee said

My Della Terra Black Friday order. So quick! Yay!

I just got an email that my order shipped today. Anxiously awaiting it’s arrival! Glad yours arrived safely… But I’m a little jealous :)

Lariel select said

Lucky you!

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I received a swap haul from Rachel Sincere!

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