Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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I got my Della Terra teas! Excited to try these more popular blends, especially the Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

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ifjuly said

My Verdant box arrived! Muahahaha, Golden Fleece, you are mine all mine! They threw in some Phoenix Mountain Dancong too, so nice!

Much to my surprise, my Teavivre order came too—surprising because it was crazy fast considering it was free shipping from China (my Harney BF order hasn’t even arrived yet and well, that’s much closer geographically) aaand my usual problems of automatically having to go to the post office to pick it up weren’t an issue this time, weirdly (great!). I have to admit, I find orders for restocks just as exciting as new-to-me sample-a-thons—like seeing an old friend. I have been jonesing for more of their milk oolong and Golden Monkey for quite some time.

My Design a Tea custom sampler came too, which is exciting—tea flavor combos I came up with myself! Most looking forward to the Pumpkin Pecan Rooibos and Maple Irish Cream Black.

Last but not least, more appropriately sized baggies for swaps—5×3, 4mil thickness. I’m so ready to send some tea off!

Needless to say it was a great mail day!

What a great mail day! So happy to hear everything arrived safely, and that the Golden Fleece is back in it’s proper home in your cupboard (and tea cup!). Happy sipping

ifjuly said

I have really missed it! Gonna have to grab some stroopwafel cookies to go with it. Thank you!

CelebriTEA said

Where did you get that Pumpmin Pecan Rooibos?
That sounds like Heaven :-)

ifjuly said

you can make your own tea blends here:

And I picked those two flavors with a rooibos base. I love the idea of this, had only just heard of the company last week from Dexter3657. Hoping the execution is good because the idea is fun. You can also double up on one flavor instead of mixing two. They also have signature blends.

Dexter said

Wow nice haul. Hope you like the Design a Tea stuff, because it is fun…

ifjuly said

Thank you for telling me about it! Either way it’s super reasonable to try out, that’s for sure—$5 to ship 5 samples that come with a $2 back coupon code on the next order, can’t really argue with that!

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Iridium said

Two packages today, neither of which I was expecting. Turns out it was my Verdant blends — all of which sound absolutely amazing this month! — and anniversary chocolates from my boyfriend.

Both tea and chocolate in the mail? Definitely a good day.

Hurray! We had fun putting together the holiday blends for December’s blend box. Hope you enjoy them :)

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Got my Amoda box full of butiki holiday teas. Look soooooo good!!!!

Ooooh, I hope mine are waiting at home too! :D

I missed out on the deadline to sign up, sadly – but I’m excited to read about the different blends regardless! Hope you enjoy them all ^^

ifjuly said

ooooh! i’ve been wondering what they’ll be. this is my first foray into tea subscription so i’m double excited.

Dexter said

Didn’t get mine today. :((

Sil select said

dexter…SOMEHOW i think you’ll manage giggling

Cavocorax said

Hmmmm… so the west coast has got theres! Here’s hoping it’ll only be 3 more days before they arrive in Ontario!

ifjuly said

i didn’t get mine either Dexter3657, so you’re not alone. hopefully tomorrow.

MissB said

I got mine today too! I’ll be good and wait to post what they are/log them.

I hope Stephanie got ours today! :)

Nope, not yet :/

OMGsrsly said

I.. have to go check my mail box. I hope that if I got it, that the box fit!

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Dinosara said

I got my Sugar Caramel Oolong that was missing from my initial Golden Moon shipment, and also my Verdant Black Friday order, yay! Although unfortunately the Laoshan Roasted Oolong sample that I ordered was completely unsealed along the bottom of the pouch and emptied its contents completely into the shipping box. I managed to get a good deal of it out of the box, but it always sucks when things come unsealed!

Sil select said


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I got my first Della Terra order. I got the custom sample order I got for my Dad and the holiday surprise box that I am determined to not open it until xmas. Its my present to myself since no one gets me tea for the holiday. I swear I can give out the exact websites I order tea from or ones I would love to try and they still don’t get the hint :-(

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Lala said

I was doing so so good at keeping my cupboard and tea spending under control. Then over the past few days I got my black Friday 52 teas order, my 52 teas 12 days of Christmas, and my 3 months worth of handmade tea. Whoah. And I am still waiting for my black Friday Andrews and Dunham and Teavivre orders (cupboard staples). Oh well. If I start over now I will be ready for next years black Friday.

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I got my mini Teavivre Black Friday order today! Black dragon pearls and peach jasmine pearls :D

Yay for teavivre packages!!!

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I got my BF teavivre package today!!!
-oriental beauty
-black dragon pearls
-golden tip
-chrysanthemum puerh mini tuocha
-superfine jasmine pearls? I though I ordered the peach pearls hmmm… I’ll have to double check

I also got my verdant blends box:):):) I had to order because of the Yabao snicker doodle!!!!

And last but not least a package from red leaf!
-Bavarian cream matcha
-cookies and cream matcha
And samples of egg nog and caramel:):)

So glad to hear your blend box arrived :)

I almost grabbed that chrysanthemum tuocha :)

@Lily Duckler: I love getting Verdant packages:) i can’t wait to try the Yabao!!!

@Stephanie: we think a like so much:) I almost got the rose one but I opted for this one in the end:)

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I’m really glad I had my mail held this weekend since I was a day late getting home. Instead of enjoying a hockey game and birthday celebration in STL I got to spend my weekend at the ER with my husband. On the bright side, at least I was staying with my parents and they could watch the baby for me. The ER with a 2 year old would likely have driven me crazy.

I came home to a lot of mail today, although several of my orders are missing items so I have a lot of emailing to do tomorrow.

My Verdant orders came in, all neatly packaged in one box. (Thank you Lily!)

As well as orders from TeaVivre, DAVIDsTEA, Tiesta Tea, Della Terra and the Persimmon Tree Tea Co.

Friday I had orders from Fusion Tea and Art of Tea come in.

I’m pretty sure everything I ordered is here, except for my father’s Christmas present. It’s a shame it isn’t all for me, but I think my friends and family will love what I got them this year.

ER – oh no! I hope everyone is feeling better and on the road to recovery.

Glad to hear your orders arrived safely and well – hope you enjoy them!

ifjuly said

Hope everyone’s ok, that sounds terribly stressful.

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