Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Received my Harney & Sons order today. Happiness in the form of dried tea:

Japanese Sencha, Paris, several H&T blends, and a whole bunch of new sachets to try.

I guess that this means that I won’t be visiting Starbucks as frequently anymore…

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Sil select said

WOOT WOOT! My Butiki Teas order from BF got out on of tea jail! So many delicious teas back in my cupboard and so many news ones to try so i can start planning the next order mwahahahahaha

Sil select said

AND i am now the proud owner of an I heart leafhoppers magnet! yay!

yyz said


Yay! :) I kinda love those magnets.

I had mine on the fridge at Thanksgiving and when people asked about it I got to explain leafhoppers and how awesome Stacy’s tea is! Then served samples after dinner :)

Stephanie-Awesome! :) I have the magnets on pretty much all magnetic surfaces in my house and have had a few friends come over and ask why I love grasshoppers. Then I go into my “let me tell you about my little buddies, the leafhoppers” spiel.

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ifjuly said

Just had that rare Thursday night out (tomorrow’s an easy day, the last before holiday break) and when we got back in at 8:30pm (our UPS guy never ever comes after 8pm) and my Steven Smith package—scheduled to arrive today—wasn’t here I was mildly bummed. Thennnn at like 9:15pm (!) he showed with it. Poor frickin’ UPS guy. He is so getting a box of candy and a holiday card.

Dexter said

Awesome – have to appreciate the extra hours they are working to ensure that all the packages get delivered. :))

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Cavocorax said

My Butiki order arrived!
And for those who were curious, this is the tea jar that I won in the contest:
It’s so pretty. :D

It’s also smaller than I thought. On the website it says 13 oz, but that’s the weight of the pot, not the capacity. (Oh, of course it is). Which is good, because I don’t have 13 oz of any tea, but I do have several oz of Caramel Vanilla Assam that will fit nicely in there.

Thanks again Stacy for the contest.

boychik said

Congrats, this jar is soo beautiful

Congrats! :) Sorry about that. I see how that could be confusing. When we have a chance, we will go through and add the word “weight” so that it is less confusing.

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Kirlika said

Yay, while out and about earlier I liberated my Teavivre shippment from Post Office Jail! :D I got a few of their assortment packs to try out some new teas and have just brewed up my first cup of Fengqing Dragon Pearl Black Tea, It’s quite delicious!!

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Jmayor said

I got my Black Friday Butiki order today! I want to finish a few samples I have lying around before I dig in to them…..although I’m not sure how much willpower I’ll have in the morning. Thanks Stacy!

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So I got a surprise(ish) package from Butiki today. Not so much of a surprise because my Mom ordered it via me so I knew it was coming. But a surprise because she actually gave it to me instead of wrapping it for Christmas.
My Mom wanted to get me tea for Christmas but didn’t know what to get me, and she knew I wanted to take advantage of their black friday sale. So she just gave me the money to order for her. Lol!
So I got all sorts of wonderfulness today which was great because I was having a rotten day. Can’t have any of it because I’ve been feeling nauseous all day and don’t want to spoil the tea.
So I got Peach HoppiTea, Irish Cream Cheesecake, Doke Rolling Thunder, The Black Lotus, 2003 Reserve Four Season Oolong, Purple Sunset Oolong, & Irish Breakfast.
And I got these as the free tea – White Rhino, Dinjoye Estate Assam, Caramel Vanilla Assam.

Kat said

You should be getting the package from me today. But I don’t think post delivers on Saturdays, so probably Monday, which means probably next week sometime later. I’m very anxious about the packaging, so I hope everything works out.

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Kaylee said

Dear USPS:

I realize that this is your busy season. But if you accept payment for 1-day delivery, you should hold up your end of the bargain. 3 days is most certainly not 1 day. Get it together.


My Butiki Black Friday order finally came! Yay! Or, more precisely, my order of tea and my SO’s order of teaware for me both arrived today. So much pretty teaware! Awesome Hannukah present. Everything was even nicer than I was expecting from the website photo. The twist canister is huge. The earthen gaiwan (green) is lovely and seems easy to use. The Chinese gaiwan is f***ing gorgeous. Love love love. The lidded porcelain cup is slimmer than I expected but very pretty. I’m super happy with all the teaware!


So. Much. Tea. Bwahaha. I screwed up my order like a dummy and got some of the wrong teas, but it’s my own fault (not that that will stop me from pouting about not getting the tea I wanted/expected).

This marks the end of my Black Friday orders, I think, and puts me at exactly 170 teas. Oy. Don’t tell anyone.

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Zeks said

I can’t stop happy giggling

It’s samples of all cheaperish puerh of jkteashop :)

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ifjuly said

my verdant tea cash order! :D i can finally try all the blends people’ve been talking about. and they were awesome as always—like a doofus i forgot to check the box to send it to a different address than billing, AND i messed up my actual order by deleting the wrong thing to add more of something else i didn’t intend to. i emailed them and they responded right away fixing it all before it went out, even though that meant making one of the teas an unorthodox amount to set it to the price i’d already paid. so great.

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