Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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CelebriTEA said
MissB said

Nice! Did you just get these today?

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boychik said

my Mandala order. Priority mail is more like 6 days for USPS. but any way im so happy because I thought its already lost. Drinking my Milk Oolong. Very relaxed .I’m enjoying every sip.

ifjuly said


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My Black Friday Butiki order showed up today! Thank you Canada Post for delivering on Sundays during the Christmas season!

The box was pretty crushed, but when I opened it up all the tea inside was perfectly fine! Whew…

Sil select said

wow nice!

Kaylee said

Huzzah for Sunday delivery!

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yyz said

I had an awesome tea day!
I received a missing in action package from China that had samples of a variety of Dancong and the seller included what I think is about 1 oz of a yet to be id’d black as a sample.

A tin of chai and a surprise card from JusTea. ( they weren’t sure that it was going to arrive before Christmas, so good job Canada Post!)

A wonderful package from CrowKettle including samples of Verdant’s Fujian white Jasmine, Utopia teas Berkshire Apple Fig, and Butiki Samples:
Vanilla Frosted Carrot Cake
Premium Taiwanese Assam
Ruby Pie
Potato Pancakes and Applesauce,
Caramel Vanilla Assam,
And Tawainese Wild Mountain Black

The last 5 were an awesome surprise! Thank you so much.

Very nice!

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I won Della Terra’s Facebook giveaway for Christmas Tradition and got it just now!


Thank you :D

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Sil select said

BBB Box made it here from Terri! My cupboard groans under the weight of all the teas haha

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Ana said

My very first order with Butiki arrived! I opened the box and immediately started brewing a cup of tea.

Exciting :D

Ana said

It is! I’m drinking potato pancake & applesauce and I can’t believe my second steep is just as good as my first! :)

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Reki275 said

My Butiki Black Friday order came in! Yay! Merry Christmas to me. I’m going to brew a cup right away. I just need to pick one. Hrmm…

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Cavocorax said

My swap/take-it-away package from CrowKettle came in today with Pumpkin Milkshake, Divine Temptation and a few more. She tossed in a few extras that were really generous too. :D

I ordered this Hamilton Beach Kettle from Future Shop yesterday ( and I already have the tracking info. Maaaaaaybe it’ll be here for tomorrow? (I bought it with Xmas money)

Sil select said

crossing my fingers for you!

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I got a package today from CrowKettle! Very generous because it wastn’t even a swap!

I got White Rhino from Butiki
Normal Carrot Cake from Butiki since I’ve only had the oolong version
And white base pumpkin matcha from red leaf!!!!

Sooooooo excited :D

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