Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Tealizzy said

My Teavivre order came! So much deliciousness! Now I have whole bags of dragon pearl black tea and milk oolong all for me! :D

Nice! That milk oolong is so good.

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I’m the happiest Tea Nerd on the PLANET!

I got a HUGE surprise in the mail today. Apparently Stacy liked one of my ideas for the custom blend contest so much that she made it even though it didn’t win! I got an ounce of it in the mail today and I had no idea it was coming! It is blackberry lime guayusa and it is PERFECT! I can’t believe I have my own Butiki Teas blend! GEEKS OUT Thanks again, Stacy! :D :D :D

So cool!

boychik said

That is awesome! I really like the tea idea. Enjoy!!!

This sounds really good! It makes me want to give guayusa another shot. Enjoy!

Kaylee said

OMG that sounds amazing! Enjoy!

Sil select said

That’s amazing steph!

Tealizzy said

That’s awesome!

Whoa, that’s pretty awesome! And the tea sounds delicious!

I have such a tough time keeping secrets when its something I’m excited to be working on. Here’s where I let the cat out of the bag a little bit. It’s my second post in the comment section:

So glad you are enjoying the blend!!!!! :)

Very cool!!

lolainred said

That’s amazing! And the tea sounds fantastic!

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Sil select said

I received samples of the new dragonwell from teavivre today! Really excited to try it out – though that might have to wait until next weekend :)

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Amazing mail day today, on a day that I really needed a lift!

- MissB sent me a totally unexpected mail with some samples, including a buttermilk tea that I had wanted to try. It was so sweet! I told my husband that I feel like one of the cool kids now!
Watson’s Mustache (Adagio)
Buttermilk Lemon (Tea Gschwendner)
Chocolate Tea Forsman Tea)
Evening Lights (Zen Tea)
Bossa Nova (Zen Tea)

- A swap from QueenofTarts with White Rhino and Marshmallow Snowflake Earl Grey!

- A giant package of samples from Just Organic. I had offered to review two teas, they sent samples for a dozen. So cool!

- And, my first Gong Fu set. The timing on this is great because I have some puerhs and oolongs who want to be treated this way.
I went with a pretty traditional blue/white one.

Cavocorax said

That’s an awesome mail day! :D Some great teas there that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

The gong fu set is pretty. One day I will figure out how that all works; until then I’m using the little pto from DAVIDs.

My husband liked this one, and he said he would do Gong Fu with me so that’s why I picked that one. He is a traditionalist for sure. I don’t know that I know what I’m doing but I’ll figure it out over time. ;)

Looks good!

Cavocorax said

Well I am instantly jealous that your husband will drink with you! Mine is not at all interested, and my daughter is still just a little too small for tea parties (she just pours water onto the couch instead of drinking it).

He’s not a big tea person, even though he grew up in Denmark and it’s a social thing there. But, many nights he will come get a cup and sit with me, it’s always Harney’s decaf Vanilla Comoro, he doesn’t try anything else. But when I was looking for a gaiwan he looked with me and said he would try it, so we’ll see. He thinks I’m a bit of a nut though (and I probably am), because when it came today I was making the cute little teacups talk to him (I’m the cutest little teacup ever!)

I think my Hubby would enjoy Gong Fu too. He has had a couple of oolongs he enjoyed and he thought it was fun to see how many steeps he could get out of the tea leaves.

Tealizzy said

Nice haul! That buttermilk tea sounds neat! Can’t wait to see your review!

Oh, and talking teacups…LOL!

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I also got a generous sample pack from Just Organic. I was also just expecting a few samples and opened the pack to find a bunch of little samples. Yeah Tea!

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I am REALLY late announcing it but I got my Verdant order on Thursday! I ordered an ounce of Laoshan Black and Laoshan Green. They added a sample of Huang Zhi Xiang Phoenix Mountain Dancon, which is awesome because I’ve been wanting to try this one :) Thanks!

Hurray! I’m so glad you’re excited about the sample, and that all of your teas arrives safely. Happy sipping :)

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The Just Organic Tea samples came. They sent me all the flavours!

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lolainred said

My Just Organic Tea samples arrived today as well! SO over the moon at the variety they sent! I can’t wait to try them all.

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Mandy said

The tracking number from my package from QueenofTarts said that it was out for delivery, so I was stalking the mailbox all day (I have the kind of mail where all the mail for the street is in one stand alone box). Finally, after coming home from grocery shopping, the mail arrived. And I was super excited to see not only my purchase from QueenofTarts’ stash sale, but also the Just Organic Tea samples that I requested (and then some, they sent me every flavor) came today. I’m endlessly amazed at how quick they both got here! Having never tried loose leaf tea before, its exciting to now have so many options to chose from! I’m supposed to be studying for my final in an hour, but instead I’ve spent the majority of the last 3 hours in the kitchen steeping and resteeping and sampling all my goodies!

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Megan said

I received my Just Organic Tea samples also! AND a package from MissB! I did a little dance at the mailbox. Luckily my neighbors weren’t around.

It’s fun to get to do that though isn’t it? Who cares if someone’s watching.. Let them wonder what you got in the mail :)

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