Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Katiek said

I got my pink and orange iced tea pitcher from David’s.

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Kaylee said

Two packages in the past few days – Teavivre’s spring sampler and the May Amoda box. Is no one else sad that the subscription service is ending? I’ve really enjoyed the boxes!

Cheri select said

I’m really sad, but I understand that they’ve got to do what works for them.

What are the May teas? I haven’t gotten mine yet and I’m really curious.

Cavocorax said

Based on the opinion surveys they sent out a while ago, suspect they’ll be back soon with a new program that allows some sort of customization or choice. If that’s the case, this might be even better!

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I also got my Nina’s samples today.
Anyone know how I can go about ordering the teas if I happen to fall in love with any of the samples I got? Going to the website didn’t really help. Lol.

Shadowfall, not sure 100%, but I think you have to order their tea on Amazon…

Sil select said

they have a couple sites now…amazon being the "easiest’ if you’re in the US.

Mandy said

The business card said but the sites down

Makes sense. I saw the teas on Amazon, but I wasn’t sure if there was a more direct way to order them. I guess Amazon it is then. Lol.

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Lala said

The Great Canadian Travelling Tea Box Round 2 finally came back to me! I am super excited to see what is in the box.

In other news, also when I came home there was a decorative box hanging from my doorknob containing two cans of pepsi next. It was a product sample that came via mail (I think). I have to say, I feel bad for the mail person that had to carry those around to deliver.

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Cheri select said

Like several people, I got my Nina’s samples today. I’m looking forward to trying them.

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I got my Nina’s samples as well :)

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I received my order from Gong Fu Tea today. I ordered 2oz of their milk oolong and 2 flavored blacks. Gong Fu’s milk oolong has been my favorite milk oolong for awhile. I am looking forward to trying it next to two others that I own but have yet to try, Mandala’s and Teavvre’s.

Mandala’s is my favourite milk oolong. It tastes different from any other milk oolong I’ve tasted. Teavivre’s is also very good, but more “traditional”.

Cheri select said

Is it flavored or natural?

boychik said

Oh it will be fun. Are you planning to run side by side all 3 of them?

Gong fu’s is an unflavored milk oolong. I will be doing all 3 side by side!

That will be interesting, love to read side by side reviews ;-)

Mandala’s is also an unflavoured milk oolong. Teavivre has one of each, I personally prefer the non flavoured.

Cheri select said

I, too, look forward to your reviews. I am searching for a unflavored milk oolong that is amazing.

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Tao of tea lets you order small sample sized amounts… dangerous! Got Jimgmai white, 500 mile chai, sencha shinrikyu, oriental beauty oolong, and mango black. So far have tried the sencha… w o w sooo good.

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Nina’s Paris samples arrived: Nina’s Japon, Eve, and Taurus.

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Hell yeah, I got the Educational Traveling Box organized by Stacy and Shadowfall! SO MUCH INTRIGUING TEA!

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