Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Got my samples from Nina’s Paris today. I had to leave after I picked up the mail and the names are too complicated to remember :)

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Cwyn said

This post about the tea that is NOT arriving in the mail today, but the story is kinda funny. My spring 2014 Premium Dragonwell order from TeaVivre is stuck in the Chicago Postal facility. I was hoping to have it for a tea ceremony on Saturday, not gonna happen. Went to the post office to see if the Postmaster could help get my package unstuck. Here is my exchange with the Postmaster, keep in mind I live in a rural midwest USA cow town.

Me: I have a stuck package I need help with.

Postmaster: Weellll…we haven’t seen you in awhile (I used to power
sell on Ebay).

Me: So I have this stuck package in the Chicago Postal Facility.

Postmaster: That’s because you’re a suspicious character.

Me: It’s fresh green tea from China, I realize it’s a commodity.

Postmaster: Yup, well, they put something else in your package then.

Me: It’s green tea.

Postmaster: They put something in someone else’s package then, so
customs is checking all their packages.

Me: I have friends who order from these guys, and their packages
haven’t got stuck.

Postmaster: Guy mailed some cheese up to Canada, customs held it for
30 days and then they marked it “return to sender.” If it’s customs,
there is nothing we can do.

Me: I get your point, it’s not cheese. Could be worse.

Postmaster: So far it’s only been a few days, that’s not too bad. You
can rest assured you’ll probably drink that tea sometime this fall.

Me: It’s just that it’s spring tea and it’s deteriorating as we speak.
It won’t be as good.

Postmaster: I can guarantee you that’s not the case. You can go down
the street to Festival Foods. Those teas have been sitting there for
years and you can still buy them.

Me: Okay. Thanks for the help.


Oh dear. facepalm


Cheri select said

I had my first TeaVivre order disappear completely between the time it was sent to the post office and the time it was actually shipped. TeaVivre fixed it for me once I notified them, but it still left me waiting extra for my tea.

I hope yours gets unstuck quick!

Tealizzy said

Lol! Terrible though. I’m sorry your teas are stuck!

apt said

shit, now im paranoid that a taiwan tea crafts order will never come…

Cwyn said

The package has been there 4 days. I guess they are really gonna open it up.

My recent Teavivre order got stuck in customs, but I’m not sure it left China. Teavivre was nice enough to send it again. Good luck with your package.

Cwyn said

Since the package is in Chicago, I am not sure Teavivre can be held responsible. I might be out my money. Might keep my tea orders stateside from now on.

You could try to go directly to the facility and see if they can help there? Or call them directly if they don’t let people actually in.
I’ve found that post offices are generally unhelpful when it comes to finding where something is. One time the tracking on a priority package said ‘delivered’ but when I checked my porch, there was nothing there. Not even a ‘sorry we missed you’ note. Called the post office and they told me that that’s standard practice for them to scan a priority package ‘delivered’ when it goes out in the truck even if it wasn’t delivered. /headdesk/

Cwyn said

Package arrived after a week spent in the postal facility. Fortunately, TeaVivre had double bagged the Dragonwell in addition to nesting the whole thing in bubble packing. It is true that Priority packages can be pre-scanned before arriving at the door. I didn’t have to sign for my China posting, but because the postal people here know me, they just open my porch door and put the packages inside. I am sure they got a good laugh when my stuck package got sorted at the local office today. ;)

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Sil select said

shared BUTIKI ORDER arrived! Now i have lots of goodies from Stacy AND incentive to go through my cupboard and share lots and lots of teas with VariaTEA and Cavocorax for when they pick up the teas that i’m now holding hostage. giggling

VariaTEA said

Yay for the Butiki teas! And remember, we both have more teas than you so be nice (as in no exploding our cupboards) :P

Sil select said

cavo’s cupboard is screwed no matter what because I will have her Butiki order, steam, Bayswater + random teas of awesomeness… yours will be a small-ish package of “extra teas”

Cavocorax said

When’s the Lupicia order coming in? Next week? :P

Sil select said

Probably not until the weekend after because it hasn’t shipped yet even…

Cavocorax said

So at least the 2nd before you get it? :O Sobs….

Sil select said

More like the 27?

Cavocorax said


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Um 3 POUNDS of tea. Not kidding.


apt said

no chill

yyz said

Don’t worry! I’ve probably bought that amount of tea this month too!

Cwyn said

Three pounds of yum!

darby select said

And you don’t tell us what kind???

boychik said

Let me guess, I think it’s puerh. Yes, no

I don’t think she is into pu yet, but we will convert her in time ;)

On the tea spectrum I’m all sparkly unicorn still :)

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I got a teasy order, my first della terra order, and my first butiki order this week….hmmmm what to try first lol

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Ubacat said

Got my TeaCupany monthly pkg this morning (postwoman dropped it off really late yesterday I guess).

Gunpowder & Green Chocomint. Tried the gunpowder already. Not thrilled and now moving on to the one that really excited me: Green ChocoMint. Oh wow, does it ever smell good. Yum yum!

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I got my final Amoda box yesterday… Bitter sweet.

Hubby saw it in the car while we were sitting and waiting for our son and asked what it was. I told him it was that box of teas that I’ve been getting that he always likes so much. I told him when he saw the packages inside that he would remember. He looks at me like he doesn’t understand and tries to find something to open it with. As soon as he saw the three little bags he was like, “Oh, I like these!” Um, yeah.. I pay attention & you’re the reason I’m still getting them. Then I had to tell him they weren’t doing it anymore and we’re waiting to see their next big thing. I think he is secretly enjoying getting new things in the mail all the time to try…. loves the variety.

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Whispering Pines order, including my free ounce of Golden Orchid. So excited.

I’ve been drooling over everyone’s notes on the golden orchid!

I’ll save some for you.

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boychik said

i got care package from Stephanie. Thank you thank you, those hearts are so cute, cant wait to try them.


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carol who said

I received lovely packages today from Rebekah Elaine and Sarsonator! Lucky me!

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