Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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yyz said

These were in store purchases but I got a cute little teapot with filter holes at a non chain dollar store.

I got Gorreana Pekoe at a Portuguese grocer (Tavora, if your in the GTA, including Toronto Sil!). I also got new seals for my cafetiera ( surprisingly hard to find locally, considering how many places sell them)

I also picked up a new batch of a the prickly pear cactus tea I like. It’s awesome this time of year if you can tolerate floral notes in green tea.

Sil select said

awesome! thanks for sharing!

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Amaryllis said

Mine are store purchases but I’m so excited about them I wanted to add it.
2 (6) packs of blue ball mason jars for 3 bucks a case, after debating for literally months about whether I should get more from the anniversary collection. They were at my local target. I would have gotten the other two cases if we had the car. I’m a complete sucker for gorgeous blue glass.

I use mason jars to cold brew in the summer, individually taste test a bunch if teas at once and store tea in.

cookies said

Oh, that’s a fantastic price! I’m going to have to check my Target to see if they have any. I use them for cold brewing too, so ridiculously convenient.

Amaryllis said

I now right! I made the employee who scanned the cases for me laugh when I squeed and did a little dance after he checked the price for me. I’m so tempted to grab the other two cases they have left but I don’t want to be greedy.

Fingers crossed that they have some! I think they were on clearance becuase they’ve had them in our target since October last year and looks like they haven’t been selling at all. They really are so convenient. Especially when you want to grab a nice cold tea first thing in the morning when it’s hot without going through ceremony of tea preparations. Heat makes me lazy.

I also recommend the plastic regular mouth tops for cold brewing. Don’t have to worry about rusting around the mouth. shudder

I’ll have to check my own Target since I’ve always wanted some of the blue glass mason jars. So pretty.
I was wondering where you find plastic regular mouth tops for them? I have a handful of jars that I had painted the outside of so they block light to store my tea in, but I really hate the lid and ring lids. I tried supergluing the rim and lid together with limited success. (I tried a strongly scented tea in one and I could still smell it through the lid.)
So I haven’t used any of them. But regular lids would be fantastic.

Amaryllis said

Shadowfall: I got lucky and found my plastic top (6pack) from the same target. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find them there or anywhere else since. I got lucky again when my mom was able to find another pack 8c from another target in Brooklyn, along with an 8p of wide mouth plastic tops.

Amazon sells them as well and price is pretty much what I paid, 4-5$

My only issue with the plastic is sometimes they leak. If I tighten the top and leave it for an hour or too it’ll create a vacuum affect that seals everything in pretty tight. But thing that has something to do with the cold of the fridge. Some lids seal tighter than others but it’s a hit and miss. They’re also lock in scent pretty well. I had a tea in one for over six months, I never smelt the scent through the top but then mine might not have been half as strongly scented as yours.

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And I also received the Pass the Stash 2.0 TTB today! :D My first one!

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It was a huge mail day for me.

- Three Fauchon teas that Cookie was so nice to get for me and mail! I got La Poire, La Pomme Du Verger and Al’amande Douce et a L’orange.

- Generous sample from Teajo for entering their contest, Black Manas

- My Gong Fu tea tray that I ordered a while back

- Amazing samples from TeaVivre – I am blown away

- Eastern Beauty oolong from Green Terrace. I sampled it once and had to have more.

- A fat client check

- Cross stitch supplies

boychik said

Wow, just wow!
Do tell about tray


Oh! Some pics would be really nice!!

I agree, that Eastern Beauty is delicious!

And I hope you like the Fauchon! I actually like the Sweet Almond & Orange a lot. :)

Ok I’ll post pics when I get home from the grocery.

Super mail day!!


Note on the tray, it wasn’t super expensive, but I really liked the slide out drip tray feature as opposed to the water going into a wooden area. Not traditional I guess, but I like the utilitarianism of it.

Thanks for posting marzi, nice haul and love the table!

(Those fauchon tins are so darn prettttty)

cookies said

Wow, that tray is a beauty. Can I asked where you purchased it from?

yyz said

Hope you enjoy everything! Looks like it was a great mail day!

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Dexter said

Sorry – I’m just whining today. My Verdant order has been in Winnipeg since 8:00PM 17Jul14 and it’s still at the Post Office, it’s not “out for delivery”, it’s not “successfully delivered”. Why will they not deliver this package…. uggg.
I also still don’t have my July Simple Loose Leaf subscription box.
Canada Post is not my friend today.
Thank you – end of rant….

Shoot… It sucks….hope Verdant gets delivered by the end of the day, you never know :-)

boychik said

I hate Canada Post.
Let’s hope tomorrow will be better:)

yyz said

I have a missing in action tea as well. I’m pretty sure it is in customs but I did have one tea sit in Richmond for over a week and a half. Once it gets into my city they usually don’t hold it but they are known to misdirect it.

Dexter said

LOL Please don’t say that yyz – my Yunnan Sourcing order is in Richmond – that was the one bright spot in my tracking today, that order is in Canada… I know we can’t do anything about it, just frustrating when you know it’s here and it’s just sitting there….
Hope your MIA package get delivered soon. :))

yyz said

Well, on a good note only one of them was held there so long!

Dexter said

“Customer addressing error found; attempting to correct. Possible delay” – that’s what my Verdant order is now showing. The address on my account is correct, the address on my shipping confirmation email is correct – I don’t think there is a “customer addressing error” – I think there is a Canada Post error…

yyz said

Weird, its probably not handwritten so it shouldn’t be a misinterpretation.

Jesus, that’s all you need now…

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boychik said

I got my free samples from Green Terrace – thank you so much. Very generous samples and a note. Looking forward to trying these teas.

Yay! Which ones did you choose?

I just reviewed Eastern Beauty, so delicious!
boychik said

Li Shan black
Honey Black
Eastern Beauty
I’m sipping Honey black, lot of steeps, it’s not giving up .

OH you good some good ones.

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Not a darn thing. I’m waiting (kinda patiently) on Teavivre and Verdant samples.

Sad face for you Lariel :-(

I like getting tea in the post, but not the waiting.

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Myssy said

Mighty Mail Day:

My first Yunnan Sourcing order ever:
Purple yixing pot – CUTE!
2010 Big Snow Mountain Wild Arbor sheng
2012 Mengku Wild Arbor King sheng
2005 CNNP Nan Nuo Zheng Shan sheng
2012 Xiaguan FT Taiwan sheng tou


Teeny weeny bamboo tray for my office set up


Cute little aqua crackly cup


SarsyPie said

Wow, that tray arrived super fast!!! I also got some great things, but I’m gonna post the list with pics after dinner. Vanilla pot was one of the items!!!!

Omg! Dying with envy here!!! :-)

Myssy said

You got the same cup – you showed me the pic – it’s one of those we were oogling and it’s cute! My wee purple pot is ALL the cute

Which one was it? Can’t remember now…Are you going to post pics or your bunch?

Myssy said

Yeah let me go take one. Brb

Myssy said
Myssy said

So are we having a Hot Cowboy date later tonight?

SarsyPie said

That teapot is adorable

And yes! HOTOT FTW!

OMG! yes!!! that cup is so gorgeous, can’t wait to get it!!! I thought is was on a slow boat???

The pot is so tiny and so darn cute!!

And yes ma’am for hot cowboy!

Myssy said

I ordered mine on like last Friday – I was very very surprised that my YS stuff came this quick.


boychik said

Did you pay express small parcel? It’s just couple $s more than regular. Its their new option. Or you paid regular ship?

Myssy said

I paid I think an extra $2. GREAT deal – it got here quick!

ty Marzipan

Myssy said

I think a couple of these shengs might be oddball ones, but mostly they were samples. I had to add a couple of them. The Nan Nuo will now be forever known to me as “Mork”

Then you have to drink it with your finger.

Myssy said

LOL – right?

boychik said

I hope you like the pot. I got it too last week but I’ll see it in Sept when I come back;(

Myssy said

boychik – it is sooooooo cute – you will love it so so much

boychik said

Oh good. Enjoy your haul!

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Ost said

Got my Whispering Pines order and free tea from DavidsTea rewards program. :O AND on a side note I went to a Lupicia tea store for the first time and got some tea.
What can I say? I need cheering up today.

I got my WP too and was having a bad day too until then! Join me for a virtual cup! I’m trying golden orchid for the first time. Cheers!

Oh, you too are in fir such a treat :-)

Ost said

Haha enjoy your tea, Saradiann! Hope it cheers you up!

Thanks, it is a treat for sure!

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This is my second week of life in the tea world, and my cupboard is filling fast!
Today I received my 1st month of teas from Golden Tips… A fabric bag that within it had a soggy cardboard package…. Luckily the tea is in plastic sealed containers, but there must have been a monsoon!
I also received my tea from Handmade Teas, but I’m totally disappointed that he is no longer using the cute tins :-(.
and got an order from Whispering Pines (rooibos chai, golden orchid, arbor mist, and golden snail)…and 5for 5 from Verdant (which includes my first sample of sheng)
Yaaay, Happy Monday!

Good choices! What did you get in your Golden Tips assortment? I’m curious how much it will change over time.

From Golden Tips:
The big bag of masala chai that I ordered :-) and my 10 small ones:
Arya pearl Darjeeling (gold)
Avaata supreme nilgiri (gold)
Masala chai
Goomtee Darjeeling
Okayti splendor Darjeeling
Darjeeling earl gray
Singbulli oolong Darjeeling
Giddapahar muscatel
Harmutty Assam
Daily Darjeeling

I know I saw your photo a while back, but I can’t remember what you got?

Some are different, my two gold ones were a white and a green.

I’m curious what others think of the arbor mist. I’m sipping it now and NOT having a good experience. I really don’t want to be the first to rate it!

I did not get mine yet Saradiann…are you having it gongfu style? sheng is much better that way.

I don’t think the arbor mist is a puerh, but I will try that.
Marzipan, I looked back at your photo and we received the exact same teas. By gold I was referring to the bag color. I can’t wait to try them!

Arbor mist is mao cha sheng (loose), you will definitely have a better experience that way :-)

mj said

It’s definitely a puerh :). I hear gongfu style improves them tremendously!

Exactly mj…and because it is so young, having it western style can easily develop some bitterness.


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