Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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boychik said

H&S Guide to Tea
I bought it on Amazon for 0.02 + 3.99 shipping. no pics ;(

Well, booooo.

Nice deal! Still available?

boychik said

No I don’t see that cheap. It was used in very good condition

AllanK said

A while ago I bought a used copy of Harney and Sons Guide too from Amazon, for about the same price. They had a bunch available cheap from different vendors but that was months ago.

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My Mandala sampler came!

I’ll be holding off of pu’erh until 1) It’s colder 2) my yixing gets here!!!! which won’t be for another two weeks at least…

boychik said

I suggest you to make it in gaiwan, not Yixing
Yixing is stealing flavors when new. So you won’t be able to enjoy them fully. I do brew puerh almost every day, even in heat it’s so nice. Hot tea helps us to cool down

Ahh I forgot about new yixing absorbing flavors. So that’s why I’d have to season it first?

Very interesting info. Drinking hot tea on a hot day feels so wrong, like eating ice cream in winter. I didn’t think doing the opposite for each is so counterproductive.

Uniquity said

I enjoy hot tea in summer as much as winter, and do feel a bit better about the ambient temperature when I do. I find room temperature drinks more off-putting than truly hot or cold in either season. That said, where I live, summer is around 25 – 35 depending on the humidity, sun, time of year, etc. If it were 40s and above, I might feel differently. I also would probably not survive!

It took me a second to recognize you meant Celsius and not Fahrenheit xD

Some flavored teas taste fine tepid, strangely.

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SarsyPie said

My order arrived! Love the teapot!

Tealizzy said

That teapot is so cute!!!!

yyz said

Nice. Enjoy everything.

Enjoy sarsy :-)

(You are building a pu’erh temple)

Agreed, that teapot is cute!

apt said

you should probably be careful with puerhshop, I’ve heard that they can be disreputable

boychik said

Cute teapot! How big is it?
Did you get shou, sheng or both?

Nice teapot. I wish I had that much puer.

SarsyPie said

Thanks all! It’s about 4oz. I need to measure to verify the volume. It’s seasoning right now, yay!!! And these are shengs. LOL. Lots of sheng!

I’ll have to do some more research, apt. I hadn’t heard about that.

You made me go to their website and go yixing window shopping. And I saw something I really liked ._.

SarsyPie said

Love it! I have one very similar to that, but mine is 180 ml

boychik said

KiwiDelight, the pot is too big. if you want it for yourself, the recommended size is 100ml, maybe 120ml.

apt said

they allegedly sell fake pu’er (7542) and badly stored stuff

Fake puer? Uh… why, how?

Thanks for the tip, boychik! Is 140ml stretching it? That’s the size of the yixing I just purchased.

boychik said

Pic, pls!!!
i think its better than 220ml( i have that mammoth myself,never seasoned)
plus you can always measure out 100ml with Pyrex cup. i find 5g 100ml is a good formula and works most of the time ;)

apt said

it’s surprisingly common Lariel, people will slap the labels of well-known quality teas onto low quality cakes. Dragon Tea House is guilty of selling these as well.

Boychik, Okie dokie! (lol at “mammoth”) I’ll just have to compensate with more tea, if it suits my taste. Thanks for being helpful x3

AllanK said

Nice haul. I love Puerhshop. They have excellent service and an excellent selection. I’ve gone through half of their ripe puerhs and a bunch of their shengs. That teapot is great.

SarsyPie said

Thanks, Allan! I got many samples to try before I commit to full cakes :)

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Today I received:

DAVIDsTea – Octopus Glass Perfect Mug (feels kind of cheap, my first glass mug purchase from them), Fair Trade Collection Teas, The Tea Passport Collection Teas

Red Blossom Tea – Glass Infuser Cup, Organic Formosa Red #18, Gold Thread Reserve, and samples of Xin Gong Yi (New Craft) and Pi Lo Chun

Nina’s Paris – Jamais vu, The des Muses, Nina’s, and a free offer of Balade a Shanghai

Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company – Scottish Breakfast Tea, Golden Lily Milk Oolong, Ruby Red, Honey Black

I will try the Red Blossom Tea later tonight and post tasting notes.

Ooh, can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the Red Blossom teas! And the black teas from Beautiful Taiwan Tea! Jelly! <3

I am very curious about the Red Blossom too. I had to email them to get the extra samples but I am so looking forward to them! The Beautiful Taiwan teas were inexpensive. I think my whole order was around $16.00 shipped (free shipping on $15 to US, plus I used coupon code REDDIT).

Yeah, I considered ordering samples from Beautiful Taiwan Tea when they had that coupon code, but didn’t end up going through with it. I’ll definitely try them out after my hiatus since they have that nice $15 free shipping threshold and their black teas look good. :)

apt said

Nice haul! I love the Honey Black and the Ruby Red. Their Ruby Red blew the one from TTC out of the water, and the Honey Black tastes like a honey bun. They’re a really great company all around, their teas are delicious and the guy behind it is a really kind and genuine guy. I’d recommend them any day.

Red Blossom is on my to-try list, specifically for their 1973 Mi Xiang Baozhong. They also had an interesting aged Phoenix Oolong, but they’re sold out of that. Not a horrible fate though, as Tea Habitat has a ton of very affordable aged Phoenix Oolongs.

boychik said

Great Tea Mail Day! Curious abt Red Blossom Tea. Enjoy!

I’ve completed my tasting note for the Red Blossom Organic Formosa Red #18. I am in love with this tea!

Sil select said

Glad you liked it :)

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I got my purchases from Ost’s stash sale (I bought them before my hiatus started, teehee!). Hattialli Golden Paw Assam and Sansia Black from Butiki!

She also included a sample of Blueberry Crumble from Della Terra because she’s a sweetheart. Thanks Ost!

Blueberry Crumble is om nom.

Ost said

Glad you got it! Hope you enjoy it!! (:

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boychik said

i got a package from mj. im overwhelmed. mj is happy and generous person, went out of her way. Thank you so so much;)

mj said

You’re so welcome :). Enjoy!

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yyz said

I got my Butiki order. I got a bunch of flavoured teas in small amounts, to fit my very occasional flavoured tea habit and a lot of PTA.

boychik said

yay! for Butiki and small amounts! and a lot of PTA!

Shitload of PTA is a very good thing.

Enjoy :-)

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I received my first order from golden tips. I got
all assam samplers
all nilgiri samples
all oolong smaples
and 100gr. masala chai.
received 3 extra (darjeeling) samples.

I am in tea Heaven. Signed up for their monthly tea sub (bi annual) so more teas to come. :)

Very nice!

That’s a lot of tea! Looking forward to seeing how you like them.

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Whispering Pines order, and samples from Blodeuyn!

boychik said

Nice;). What did you get?

The Jabberwocky, Cocoa Amore and a reorder of Elder Grove (we must not run out!)

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I received my first ever Mandala order. :)

Mandala – GABA black, Rou Gui “Cinnamon” Medium Roast Oolong, Big Red Robe Fancy Grade Dark Roast, Ripe Pu’er Sampler Pack (Noble Mark, Phatty Cake II, Special Dark, Year of the Dragon), a Milk Oolong sample (I’ve wanted to try this!), a Golden Needle Premium sample, and the set of Four Beauties sipping cups (I have 3 sisters so this was perfect).

boychik said

Awesome haul! Enjoy!!!

Sounds amazing! Love the idea of a sisterhood teacup set :-)

I can’t wait to try the pu’er. It doesn’t look as scary as I thought. ;)

boychik said

Just don’t forget to rinse it;). Some ppl rinse shou twice.

Yah, I have a lot of reading to do before I even attempt to open the package. ;)

Nice selection. I got the Pu-erh sampler pack too.

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