Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Today my mail was delivered in a plastic USPS bin. So here goes:

Whispering Pines – Port , S’mores Unsmoked, El Dorado Chai, Yunnan Silver Needle White Tea, Arbor Mist, Golden Orchid, and a sample of Golden Snail

TeaVivre – Bailin Gongfu Black Tea, Superfine Tan Yang Gong Fu Black Tea, and a sample of Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea

Stash Tea – Pine Cone Tea Mug, Golden Sprouting Black Tea, Yunnan White Tips Black Tea, Organic Sparrow Tongue Green Tea

Harney & Sons (2 orders) – Fruits d’Alsace, Panyang Congou, The Ultimate Tea Lover’s Treasury, HRP Holiday Tea 30 sachet tin, Anji Black, Chun Lu, Anji Baicha, Black Snail 2014

Ost said

That sounds like an awesome day! :D I’m curious about how H&S’s Black Snail is :O

Yum yum Tan Yang! I’m jelly, I want my TeaVivre order!

Oh, you’ve got some little gems in there, enjoy :-)

Nice choices from Teavivre.

yyz said

Nice, enjoy!

Dexter said

Wow nice haul!!!

Tealizzy said


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I received my order from Eco cha teas with my special free yixing teapot :-) it’s so tiny and cute!!! And the award winning heavily roasted oolong is worth the $$$!!!

Love the teapot! :)

That excellent to know, i’m waiting for mine and I also ordered the same oolong!

The pot you got is one that I was hoping for cause it’s tiny, it’s so pretty, enjoy :-)

boychik said

Very nice looking pot. How big is it?

Tealizzy said

Nice package!

yyz said

Cute pot!

It is tiny! I don’t know how many mls, but it fits in my palm… Maybe 4oz.

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I got a super nice swap from Tealizzy yay!

boychik said


Tealizzy said


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Mandy said

I got the Tealephone package today!

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apt said

several physical pickups:

Meleng Estate Assam
Zhen Qu Yunnan
both from Silver Tips Tea

from a friend:
Oriental Beauty (amazing)
Taiwanese Roasted Oolong (unknown origin)
Unknown Oolong (very interesting)
1980 Taiwanese Oolong (buttery)
Phoenix ? (rolled Phoenix oolong, words on package weren’t legible.

yyz said

Fun! A nice selection. Enjoy them.

apt said

they’re samples for the most part. the Oriental Beauty, Unknown Oolong, and Phoenix ? are all from the same shop in NYC. Both the 1980 and the Roasted Oolong are from a couple of his friends, one of whom I have connected with and one who I am most likely going to connect with him as well. Hopefully I will get to meet these guys soon.

yyz said

Sounds great! What a nice thing to meet people over.

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I got some more samples from Teavivre in the mail. Angel was awesome and let me choose different samples than was offered in an email I got. So excited.
Technically it came yesterday, but my Mom (who called specifically to tell me I had a package) said she’d hide it when I said I’d come over and get it that night. Jerk. XD

Tealizzy said

Hide it for herself? Haha!

Nope. Just to be a pain in the butt. Lol!

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Tealizzy said

I got my swap with Stephanie! Yay! She sent me caramel by TG as a surprise!!! :D

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I got my teavivre order in the mail yesterday. Nothing elaborate, just a few of the sample bags. I bought the flavored Oolong, the Black tea, and the Green tea, but I’ve only tried two so far. I do have 250 tea points, though, so I will be saving those to buy whichever tea I like best. :)

Plus you’ll have even more points once you post reviews of all of those teas! Hooray! :)

How do you get points for that?

All you have to do is log in to your account and post a review for the tea. They’re 50 points each. :)

Thanks. :)

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My yixing and tea pet arrived!!

I’m saving the teapot for Christmas. I was going to wait to buy it until around that time but the sale happened. Wooooooo discount! As for my piggy I’m not going to wait to bathe him in love. I’m naming him Georgie Pie because he looks like it x3

Nice :D


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I got my TeaVivre order!

Yunnan Dian Hong Golden Tips (50g)
Tan Yang Gong Fu (50g)
Da Hong Pao sample
Superfine Keemun Mao Feng sample
Strawberry Oolong sample
Nonpareil Yunnan Dian Hong Chinese Red sample
Guang Dong Phoenix Dan Cong sample

Hooray! :D

apt said

sounds good! have you tried Bailin Gongfu? How does it compare to Tan Yang?

A TeaVivre order is a good mail day indeed. :)

Great haul!I requested the Dan Cong sample too!

apt, the Bailin tastes more like raw grains to me, while the Tan Yang is more sweet potato. I love both though! :)

KiwiDelight, I realized afterward that I already have a sample of it. Womp womp…

The second sample I got (one that I didn’t choose) was Milk Oolong… Ah well.

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