Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Got home from my art show at 10:45pm and found TeaVivre order, and swaps from Cheri and CameronB woooooo!!!!

Tealizzy said

Nice! Great mail day!

Heck yeah! Had to sniff everything before bed. LOL

Tealizzy said

Lol! That’s what I would have done!!

I am an unabashed sniffer. ;)

Then you get a nice selection to choose from in the morning.

I’ve already selected WP cocoa amore for breakfast :D :D :D

Can we join you for breakfast??

I’ll make bread.

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I got my very first gaiwan, from a seller on AliExpress. It came super fast, hooray!

Tealizzy said

Wow! Super cute! I totally need to get a gaiwan.

Yay!!! It,s so pretty Cameron, congrats!!

Sarsonator said

Eeeeee! It’s just like mine. We match!!!

Twinsies! :D

Congrats!! I hope you have fun using it!

Sil select said


Very pretty!

Ubacat said

So pretty. LOVE those gaiwan’s like that. It’s got the cup right on top.

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My Whispering Pines sampler came. It has Golden Orchid, Fujian Black (aka Fujian S’mores), and North Winds.

Oh, so happy for you!

All the teas I picked are so good, I wish the samples were a little bigger.

Sarsonator said

GO. FTW!!!

All good choices!

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After searching a very long time for one, I finally got a tiny little wee 70ml Yixing clay pot and it arrived today…it melts my heart y’all, my new pride and joy! I took it outside for a first photo shoot today:

Tealizzy said


That is extra wee!

Tealizzy, Thank you, Awwwww is right! It’s so hard to find them so small!!!

Lol, all my other yixing look HUGE beside it!!

Haha! Stephanie you’re so right :-)

Cheri select said

That is sooooo cute!

Very nice. Where did you get that?

And also… acorns!

Sarsonator said

Love it so much!!!

Lariel thanks! I was lucky, I met a collector online and got “private help” sort of speck :-)

Sarsy, it’s a good day for both of us today!! :-)

Lovely! It seems like you receive a new yixing every day lol. I wish I were in your shoes. Now that I have my very first I have the urge to buy so manyyyyy. siiiiiiiiiigh.

Lol, kiwidelight, that’s the problem…after your first pot, you want ALL THE YIXING!!!!

apt said

Fang Gu…. What are you dedicating that to?

Can I ask how many you have? Or is that a dangerous question? :3

Apt, haven’t quite decided yet…I want simething real special for it so might save it exclusively for Da Hong Pao. Will see :-)

Lol, Kiwidelight, I don’t have that many…yet! With the ones in transit, I will have a total of 12.

oh my gosh I want to see a pic of all of them together!! they must be like kittens or puppies – you just gotta have them.

apt said

That looks like an excellent pot for yancha, good choice. Test the pour time first though, if it’s like 4sec or less you’re good. Where’d you get it from

Ubacat said

So cute!

Aww its adorable!

Oh kiwidelight, for sure I will do a group shot when they’re all here! And yes, they are totally like little pets :-)

Apt, I got private help from a collector.

Thanks ubacat :-)

apt said

Cool! Would you mind elaborating (over PM if you feel it’s necessary)

boychik said

LOVE the teapot , my dear TTF. Enjoy!!!

You ladies have pet teaware? That is both silly and cute.

Lariel I got a piggy tea pet from Teavivre recently :DDD

Apt, I will pm you later…

Thanks boychik, I know how much you can appriciate that ;-)

Lariel, I “create” my own tea pets…acorns, semi precious stones and river rocks are my favourites.

mj said

TTF, it’s so adorable I can’t even stand it! It’s so teeny, it makes those acorns look big! That picture is so Fall

Thank you mj, I can’t even stand it myself!!! :-)

I want a clay dragon or something.

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Sarsonator said

I got the mail haul to end all mail hauls

My golden teacup (Goldie) is finally here!!! I also got a Petr Novak teapot and some shengs from Slovakia. Plus my tea and teawares from Teavivre are here. PLUS, I got some wonderful cakes from Mandala!!! Someone is getting tea drunk tonight!!!

Sweet little Jesus!!!! Awwwww!!! The Holy grail of all cups!!

And tea from Slovakia…really, how cool is that? «U speak Russia???»

wow :D

All of your orders so are epic because of the cakes :O

Tealizzy said

Where did you get that golden teacup! It’s awesome!

Sarsonator said

Thanks all! I’m such a happy girl!

KiwiD- love the cakes!!! :)

Tealizzy- I’m on my phone, but make sure you’re following me and I’ll PM you. I’m not ready to admit how much I paid for that cup to the world…

Nice, I am jelly!

Tealizzy said

Lol! I’m following ya!!

yyz said


boychik said

I love the haul! But Novak’s teapot is stunning! Enjoy!

mj said

Enjoy your glamorous sipping, Sarsonator :)

Sarsonator said

I’m feeling tea-woozy after my first date with Goldie and PN!

Spill it on Goldie. Where’s it from?

Sarsonator said

Oh fine, Marz! She’s from the China Cha Dao website.

apt said

I love Petr’s work, probably going to commission something for myself soon.

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Sil select said

Picked up my Verdant Blends of the month…disappointed with the vanilla theme take on things. :( Also picked up my Nina’s Paris order.

Both are small, so not a huge increase in cupboard size, but an increase nonetheless.

I was also disappointed by the vanilla blends… :(

Dexter said

Boo!!! You finally buy tea and are disappointed!!!!

Sil select said

oolong, licorice and jasmine…without giving things away. :(

I actually did like the oolong. :)

boychik said


Sil select said

you never know…maybe i’ll love them :)

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AllanK said

I got two packages in the mail today. One a ripe puerh from EBay, the other a package of heavy duty plastic foil bags so I can swap tea with people here. Now I just have to finish adding teas to my cupboard.

Where did you get the foil bags from?

AllanK said

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Has anyone received their steepster select for the month?

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Riimu said

Going to pick up my Teavivre order from the post office today, I’m so exciteeed. And I also bought my first gaiwan yesterday, it’s tons of fun.

What did you order from Teavivre?

Riimu said

2006 Fengqing Raw Pu-erh Tea Tuocha, I got a sample with my previous order and I liked it so I had to buy full tuocha when it was in sale. I also got 50g Raw Pu-erh Mini Tuochas. I had urge to buy a lot more puerh, but my cabinet is too full.


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So…nothing comes in for weeks, and all of a sudden, everything at once.

Another great day in fairy land!

Sweet Jesus…a mean monthly load of Whispering Pines teas, weeeheee!!! :

And beautiful teaware from Teavivre… A cute classic yixing clay pot, a breaking tray for pu’erh, and a lovely glass cha hai pitcher:

Sil select said

jealous! haha

mj said

You finally get to try Rivendell!! I’m so excited for you!

My glass cha hai got here today too….but it was cracked :(

I have the tea envy, I want to try all those.

Tea party at your house! :)

Mj, guess what i’ll be drinking and reviewing tonight? RIVENDELL!

Blodeuyn, you have the best idea!! The kettle is always on, so y’all invited to my house to drink ALL the WP teas :-)

MJ, forgot to mention, I am soooo sorry for your glass pitcher! That sucks real bad :-(

Hopefully they replace the broken pitcher. Oh if I was closer I’d come over for a tea party!

Sarsonator said

Beauty! I think you may have the same glass pitcher as me, and mine also arrived today!

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