Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Zen Tea and Taiwan Tea Crafts came today. Sadly one of my tins from TTC is smashed.

Got my first ever tetsubin from ZT…my goodness, so heavy! I think I am in love with it, is that wrong? :D

We won’t judge you.

SarsyPie said

I’m in love with Goldie. We can wrongly love our teaware together! :)

apt said

TTC isn’t great with packaging. I got my teas thrown into a box with no packing. Some of them got pulverized in the process.

apt said

You should even pet it if it makes you happy, I pet mine with no guilt.

Thankfully the tea was inside said canister (and undamaged), but yah. I will email them about it. Sars – Goldie is a mighty fine cup! TTF – I keep taking the lid off to look inside. (giggles)

Are we gonna see this new beauty of yours?

I went with this one:

Though this was a close second:

Also picked up this travel mug in green:

Omg!! You got the one I’ve been lusting for over a year now!! So jelly!!! ;-)

Such a beauty!!

Omg, it is a beauty! I still want the goldfish one too though. I wish I could justify it.

I’m really curious about the travel mug you bought. I haven’t found a travel mug I love yet, but this one looks promising. After you give it a test spin please let me know what you think!

Will do :)

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bao zhong pouchung 100 gr.
Sencha (Japn) 100 gr.

yum. weahter here is dreadful so I am going to hide indoors with my tea and my fave books!

Riimu said

Yumyum. From what shop did you ordered them?

from Simon & Levelt.

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Myssy said

I got a whole bunch of mostly Tea Urchin (and one White2Tea) shengs from my darling Sarsonator. Thanks precious! Your box should be there by Monday.

SarsyPie said

White2Tea and Tea Urchin FTW!!!!! Can’t wait to try some of those Shengs you packed for me! <3

Myssy said

I got more sheng samples from YS today. I probably should have waited to send your box, but I forgot about them…

SarsyPie said

No worries! I still love ya!

Myssy said

Actually I got five samples of the same thing because they were out of the cakes.

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AllanK said

I got my order from Verdant Tea in yesterday with Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha.

I generally dislike genmaicha, but Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha sounds so good.

Myssy said

LBCG is so far beyond good. Delectable!

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yyz said

Loads of tea!

Capital Tea Ltd
Keemun Hao Ya
vanilla Tea
Selna Estate (Ceylon)
Boisahabi Assam
Keemun Xiang Luo
Golden Garden Ceylon
Keemun Classic
Rwanda Rukeri
A number of these are awesome samples Thanks!

Han Xiang ecological tea ( Aliexpress)
More red biluochun
Rizhao green tea
Samples of two greens, a Yunnan and a tea strainer.

Jasmine Silver needles
Organic superfine dragon well
Huang shan Mao Feng

I’m set with greens for a while!

Ost said


SarsyPie said

Holy cow! That’s amazing! I’ll be over after work to help you with all that tea :p

Mandy said

Ohh, excited to see you’re tasting notes, especially for Capital Tea Ltd

I hope my samples from Han Xiang get here soon! :D

yyz said

I might need it Sar!

boychik said



Whoa!! That should keep you busy for a while, enjoy :-)

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My Camellia Sinensis order! Everything smells really good; but especially One Night In Rio!

yyz said

Enjoy them. What did you get?

I got La Tropicale and then two of the new blends: One Night in Rio! and Peking Opera. I tried La Tropicale today (very lemony) and One Night In Rio!. Rio is amazing! Like, mind blowing-ly good. I’m very excited to try Peking Opera next.

yyz said

I’m glad you love it. I look forward to your notes!

I thought I found them online but it was a company with only straight teas. Could you give me a link?

yyz said

You probably did find them. The majority of their teas are straight. Their flavoured teas are found under tea family scented.

Dexter said

Love Camellia!!!! Ombrelle de Papier is my favorite scented of theirs. Great to hear that you found some more that you are really enjoying. :))

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Frolic select said

Swap from Lariel (thanks for the Persimmon Tree surprise sample!)

Some very generous samples from Teasenz for review :)

That was way quick! Hope you like them.

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My Single Origin Teas order arrived – Vietnam Black OP1 and Jun Chiyabari Second Flush. Yum!

Not familiar with either of those. Might have to check them out. :)

If you want to try them shoot me a pm and I’ll send you some samples!

Myssy said

I loved that Jun Chiyabari

MzPriss – The (M)UTTB introduced me to soooo many new teas that I need. These two are the start of a fairly long shopping list. Next month I’ll hopefully be able to make my Mandala order. I need my own supply of Special Dark. :)

Myssy said

Everyone needs their own supply of Special Dark.

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carol who said

HOLY CRAP!!! I got the Marco Polo box today and it is HUGE!!! It’s at least 3 times as big as most of our TTBs. It is filled with chock full of goodness. This is the box of samples from a variety of companies. It looks totally awesome.

It’s bigger on the inside? Pics, please.

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Oooh… It’s difficult to get a box from a tea company with no tea! I ordered 2 glass mugs with steeping baskets in them for friends and got a single tea tin for myself…. My first order from David’s Tea. Ordered No tea. Got 3 herbal samples included for free, but I’ve learned my lesson!

yyz said


Cheri select said

I have one of those that is supposed to arrive on Tuesday – a package from a tea company with no tea, that is.

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