Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Pia M said

I just received my No. 54 Gypsy Caravan from Bellocq Tea Atelier!!! Yahoo, more tea! Preliminary taste tells me it is smooth and subtle…. :-)

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T.C. said

Got my swap/order from Alphakitty today
6oz of Ovation pineapple blueberry green
along with samples of watermellon blackberry honeybush, pineapple sencha, buttered cranberry-orange scone, and the ultra rare (have to pry it from her cold dead fingers) sun and cloud mist mmmm

ewwww, that makes me imagine gruesome! hahahahaha

Alphakitty said

Haha I am rather protective of my kitten tea (it’s just so goooood), but when I run out I think I’ll just order a whole pound and split it with my mom

kitten tea?

yssah, the packaging of Sun and Cloud Mist features the image of a kitten in a marshmallow cloud with the lemon sun in the background. It’s one of Frank’s best blends, in my opinion. :)

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Ok so technically it didn’t come in the mail, but it did have to travel to get to me.
My 16g packages of Banana Dream Pie, Ceylon Star, Stormy Night, Bear Trap, Kiwis Big Adventure & Quangzhou Milk Oolong

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Tealizzy said

I got my first Butiki order yesterday!! I asked Stacy to surprise me with the samples and I don’t think she could have picked better! I ordered maple pecan oolong, cantaloupe and cream, pistachio ice cream, and coconut cream pie, and she gave me samples of pineapple cilantro and creamy eggnog! Thanks, Stacy!! They all smell amazing and I can’t wait to steep them up!!

Chizakura said

Hooray for Butiki :D I’ve made my second order recently, and super excited to get it. You’ll love Cantaloupe and Cream, it’s very delicious. :)
My second order will have some of that Maple Pecan oolong too~ Very excited to try it.

Yay, glad the teas arrived safely and that you like my sample choices! :)

Emily M said

I love Butiki, and Stacy is so awesome. Enjoy your teas!

Sil select said

Tealizzy…oh man that’s a fantastic order (and some great samples) Stacy rocks! I’m sure you’ll love those teas..they are SUPER!

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Emily M said

I got a suprise order today! I had ordered from Mandala on Thursday last week. Since they are moving, I was expecting my order to be shipped on Monday the 11th. Lo and behold, I got my order today with a note from Garret saying they hadn’t packed up the things I’d ordered yet so he decided to get it out to me before the move! So awesome. =)
Thank you, Garret and thank you Mandala!

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verdant monthly order

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Rie said

My new gaiwan arrived this afternoon! I’ve been waiting for a month, and I’m so happy it’s finally here. It also came with a surprise gift of Tie guan yin from the seller, which was really kind of them.

Also got a $10 off coupon from Teavana, so it’s time to harass them for some new washi tins.

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Katiek said

My “spring” order from David’s including the elephant perfect mug

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forsythia said

This adorable tea cozy arrived in my mail today!

aww :)

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Frolic select said

Della Terra order came, still on the look out for my Red Leaf one. The post office tracking number says it arrived at the post office this morning but something the mail carrier brings packages separate from envelopes and my Della Terra on was a large envelope.

Now I’m fretting about it because what I drink now will effect what I can drink later. Like should I plan on having matcha with lunch? But what if it hasn’t come? I thought tea was suposed to be relaxing!

Frolic select said

It came! I’ve already tried two of the flavors. Saving the Della Terra for tonight because almost all of them are herbal.

yay! hahaha…so tea can also cause stress & anxiety..when waiting for orders to arrive :D

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