Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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The swap from Melanie
And also… my first Della Terra order.

So now I have some Spring teas, and a couple Winter teas. :)

Della Terra are great, they offer such a variety. Your first order will soon be your second and third lol. :)

I want to make another order already. But they’re out of Lemon Chiffon.

28 Cooks said

I’m patiently awaiting my very first Della Terra order to arrive. Can’t wait!

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I got my first order from Bluebird Tea Co today. They are UK Tea Mixologists that have their own unique blends as well as some inspired from other global sources such as David’s Tea.

My package contained:
Monkey Chops
Vicky’s Sponge Cake
Birthday Cake
Ankara Apple
Earl’s Paradise
Elderflower Champagne
Morning Kick
Rhubarb + Custard

Sil select said

oooh some of these sounds delicious!

oooh that rhubarb custard one sounds interesting!

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yssah said

matcha in my mailbox!

and DavidsTea winter teas from Chicago and w/ samples from his cupboard too, thanks Nick :)

Flavoured or regular?

yssah said

it’s the RLT tester. 4 kinds of Caramel Latte ^^

Yum enjoy!

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yyz said

Small order from Capital Teas Ltd.
Borsapori Estate Assam
Samples of
Berubeula Estate Ceylon
Marco Polo

nice to have a company with cheap local shipping $4.00 or free over $35, so I don’t feel obliged to go over my budget just to make it feel worth it. Really quick shipping I got my order in a day and a half.

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teapot1 said

California Tea House
Fruit Dreams
Bedtime Chai (sample)

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momo said

Finally came home to a mailbox SO FULL of stuff…I am still kind of ticked I almost couldn’t get the box of Verdant out.
- 52Teas order of Red Velvet Mate and Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish
- Red Leaf matcha latte samples
- Verdant tea of the month free trial

And finally got the rest of my redditgifts exchange no thanks to Lasership
- 4 oz of English Tea Store Raspberry black
- 3 1/4 tin of Destination Tea Co. Candy Cane Black
- A FREAKIN POUND of Teas, Etc Persian Lime

Dinosara said

Oof, a pound is a lot of tea. I mistakenly got sent a pound of tea once and it was kind of staggering.

momo said

I used Bruno as a measuring stick for it…it’s bigger than him:

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Two swaps came in the post. I sometimes forgot about ones, so it’s like getting surprise teas! Which makes my day more fun. :)

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Tealizzy said

Got my first “by mail” swap ever! From TastyBrew! Yay!

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lteg select said

Just got my first Mandala order of their Phatty Cake, Wild Monk, Milk Oolong, and Golden Gong Ting with a nice little hand written note and Noble Monk sample. Fastest shipping I’ve ever had from a tea company — I’m very impressed (and excited to try them out!)

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