Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Dustin said

I had a dream last night that I got some tea samples in the mail. Does that count? Before I could open them and see what they were, the baby started crying and woke me up. Now I will never know what they were!

Azzrian said

Noooo! This is when you just finish the dream while awake – make up the ending.

Dustin said

I just might have to. That or see if I can coax my subconscious back into the dream as I fall asleep tonight.

Azzrian said

You can!! :) Just be thinking about the dream as you go to sleep! It sounds like you already have done this – so cool :)

nothing today coz it’s a Sunday :(

T.C. said

yeah…bummed me out too…always tomorrow!

T.C. said

working on getting samples and EG ready to ship to you right now BTW so something will soon be in the mail for you :)

yay! (cheers up)

Didn’t get anything yesterday, so hopefully something will come tomorrow.

Emily M said

Today I got my first order from Butiki Teas! Trying the Cantaloupe and Cream right now. =) Oh happy day!

Azzrian said

Yay C and C is good stuff!

Emily M said

I agree! Now I see why it’s so highly rated!

Azzrian said

Got my Steep City Teas order and my samples from Nina’s Tea.
Vanilla Sky
Miami Mango
and Cinnamon Apple Crunch all from Steep City
From Nina’s
Mon Secret

Having Vanilla Sky now.

Artp said

How’s that vanilla sky? I was tempted, but held back

Azzrian said

I have not yet done a formal review but its alright.
To be honest I have been terribly distracted while sipping it.
It didn’t blow my mind but it was nice.
I feel the vanilla and grenadine were balanced nicely.
Reminded me a bit of another tea but I can’t put my finger on it yet.
For the price / amount of tea you get it would be worth it to have around.
I will report more or do a review soon.
Trying to get too many things done today with SO many distractions!

ahhh…I wanted to try Marie-Antoniette…but missed it in favor of being eager over another sencha :(

momo said

Got my Steep City order and my Nina’s samples and a swap from Kittenna, yay

yay! my swap from Nicole arrived ^^ like the dawn after a dark mail-less Sunday

T.C. said

Pretty good haul for me today.
My IHeartTeas order
3 swaps (Allie, Stephanie, Kasumi no Chajin)
Samples from Nina’s

Happy tea day!

That IS an awesome haul! :D

yay! my swap from Nicole arrived ^^ like the dawn after a dark mail-less Sunday

Nina’s Tea Samples!

Den’s green tea sampler came in, looking forward to the Rose Tea included!

Verdant Feb. Order

First Samples from Teavivre for review

Swap from another Steetpster that includes some minuscule samples from
Mark T Wendell! Which is prompting me to make an order soon to flesh out samples for proper tasting.

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