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Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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My DAVIDs order. Yay for new travel mugs. And my 3 samples are the new yeas, coconut grove, mint julep & mango fruit punch

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Dexter3657 said

Wow I have tea everywhere!!! It makes me happy. I got THREE orders in the mail today:
Fusion Teas: I ordered 9 teas and they threw in a sample size (10 cups) of Good Morning Mate. Thought it was quite a generous sample. Well packaged. Love their labels.
Verdant: I ordered the 5 for $5 and 5 others. They also included a sample of Flowering Green Jasmine. Love the personal note and tea information/history/instructions that were included. Top notch company.
Mandala: I ordered 2 pu’erh cakes, a pick, and 3 teas. They included a personal note and 2 samples. There was a slight address glitch when I ordered, and they have been in contact, asking if I got it, keeping in touch. AMAZING, AWESOME, FANTASTIC customer service. I haven’t even tried their tea yet, but I KNOW I will be ordering from them again.

I love Mandala tea! Which cakes did you get?

Dexter3657 said

Wild Monk and 2009 Meghai Purple Rhyme. Phatty cake is on my list to get next. Sigh…. so many teas almost don’t have enough time to drink them all.

Wild Monk is amazing! At least pu’er you can let it age if you can’t drink it right away. That’s how I justified when I bought some, my tea collection is dangerous bouncing around 200.

Dexter3657 said

LOL ok let’s go with that theory, it will get better with age. I really need to narrow down what I like. I seem to be ordering all different kinds, flavored black, flavored rooibos/honeybush, mate, pu’erh, oolong, dessert teas, fruit teas….. it’s out of control. I think I like everything. OK I may not be at 200 but if this keeps up it won’t be long until I get there. Cupboard is showing 84 and I have at least 50 samples/swap samples that aren’t in there. Need to drink more tea.

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Sil select said

My swap from Kallieboo arrived! YAY for new teas…thankfully i sipped some down today heh

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Hallieod said

I got a wonderful swap from ysaurella, which really brightened my day (and my daughter’s, as these are all teas for sharing!). We needed it, as our old dog took a substantial turn for the worse yesterday, and the moment of calling the vet is a lot closer now.

Also got my order from Pure Aroma Tea, and those great guys have managed to maintain the record of sending me samples I haven’t tried yet, which is getting increasingly difficult! :) They also had the perfect sale, as it was on all their unflavoured black teas and those don’t count as ordering tea. Lalala, can’t hear anyone disagreeing

cteresa said

so sorry about the dog! Ysaurella´s swaps are very good at brightening days which need to be brightened!

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Yesterday, my sheng pu’er sample came from Misty Peak Tea!

Hopefully my Verdant order comes soon – the preorder oolong was held up in customs. However, i’m more excited to try Verdant’s sheng pu’er!

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I got my order from Georgia Tea Company and the pu’er sample from Misty Peak Tea.
Though I’m wary about the sample since it was just tossed into an envelope that was barely sealed by just a piece of packing tape at the corner of the flap. When I got it it was mostly open and coming out the seams. As much as I appreciate the opportunity to give it a try, I’m not sure I trust the safety of the tea at this point which is unfortunate. /sigh/

ditto on mine, my piece was pretty smashed and I lost some to stuck on packing tape.

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Lariel select said

The Della Terra order. :) I’m having the Apples and Mango now.

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Yesterday I received my swap from Kaylee

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ifjuly said
Tealizzy said

Lol! So cute! Where did you get that?

ifjuly said

Perpetual Kid: http://www.perpetualkid.com/manatea-infuser.aspx

They’re having a sale right now if you spend $35. I used this little big guy today and am happy with him! And he’s dishwasher and microwave safe.

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Lala said

Swap from Sil. Whoop! Tea time here I come.

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