Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Zeks said

More tea from Verdant :) Woohooo!

Golden Buds Shu Puer Xingyang 2010
Big Leaf Sheng Yan Tian Yuan 2006
Shui Jin Giu Wuyi Oolong 100g :)

sweeet, whole cakes!

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My swap from Rie came yesterday! So much cute! >w

moraiwe said

Right?! I have the little birdie she drew hanging on my fridge for now because it made me d’aaaw so hard

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My Verdant order arrived! Wooot! It came 2 days earlier than tracking predicted, which is fine by me!

Hand picked early spring tieguanyin
Mrs. Li’s shi feng dragonwell
Mt. Bandzhang Farmers’ coop 2003 sheng
(bonus 5yr tieguanyin sample)

Sil select said

YAY!! that’s awesome :)

Zeks said

Nice. Maybe I should order some TGY too, mine’s run out. Considering the amout of other tea I have though….

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Dinosara said

Verdant packages for me, too! Yeah, I actually had two… One full of tea, and one containing a tea cup I preordered. Can’t wait to dig in!

Chizakura said

Did you happen to order one of the storage jars from them? I’m curious to know whether they’re air tight or not, as I’m looking into ordering one of the available ones.

Dinosara said

Nope, no jars for me. I only ended up getting a tea cup from the teaware this time.

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Frolic select said

My Verdant order came yesterday too!

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I didn’t get it in the mail, but I got a tea cup (or is it a sake cup?) from Goodwill today for fifty cents. It has Japanese kanji on the bottom.

Tealizzy said


ooh, that’s pretty. I have a flea market near by that has a whole lot of tea sets and cups, but most aren’t Asian. I would love if I could find some japanese ones there!

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I received my Verdant orders on Saturday, and, with it, my first gaiwan!!

Rie said

Wow, congratulations on your first gaiwan!! :D


I bounced around all day long. I’ve been wanting one for months!

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I got my Butiki order today! Watermelon Xylophone and Silver Needle with some lovely samples I can’t wait to try. Just finishing up my Oolong from the work day before I dive into trying the new goodness!

Watermelon Xylophone is my favorite!

It’s good! Perfect for summer.

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I got 1 oz spring harvest Laoshan green, samples of black chocolate genmaicha, and 5 year aged tie guan yin, and a tiny adorable fish and lotus cup from Verdant in the mail today :D

Rie said

Sounds like you’re getting lots of cute teaware! (^-^)

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I got home from class this afternoon expecting to get my mystery swap from Moraiwe and there in the basket was also my order from Della Terra that shower up 2 days early!!! I was in heaven!!!

In my Della Terra order I received:
-oatmeal raisin cookie
-white chocolate
-apple cinnamon yogurt
-grapefruit fusion
-wonders of Kashmir
And an extra sample from them too!!
-chocolate chai!

I can’t wait to try my mystery teas from Moraiwe! I finished packaging all my swaps and mystery swaps today and will have them in the mail tomorrow for you all! They are my first swap victims so wish me luck!!


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