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Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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OMGsrsly said

The GIGANTIC group Butiki order showed up today. SO EXCITING. I think this will work…


Kittenna said

So. Jealous. :D

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Dinosara said

Verdant reserve club package for June, yay!

Zeks said

Verdant reserve package for March…. >_<

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Rie said

Camellia Sinensis Tea House order! The teaware I’ve considered for a long time, plus a gift sample of one of their winter oolong (perfect hit, with me).

I imagined the package passing through cities in which Canadian Steepsters are sipping tea! haha (’u’*) ♪

I tried to find the scent of Montreal in there but just found bubble wrap.


Sil select said

this is a really cute gaiwan!

Chizakura said

Agreed. :) It’s just the right amount of décor. Looks beautiful. Not plain, not gaudy either. That’s the exact sort of thing I like. (In fact, this design is a lot like my duvet cover haha)

Cavocorax said

Oh – that’s so pretty!

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sansnipple said

My Laoshan Oolongs just arrived!


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Lariel said

My cinnamon chips came, and now I can add them to teas. Mmmm… spicy!

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My swap from Dexter cam yesterday.
I’m supposed to be received a package today from toys r us for my daughters. The debate is do I give it to them now or hoard it until the end of August for my youngest’s Birthday.

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Sil select said

My shared order with terriharplady arrived today from taiwan tea crafts! Some really pretty packaging as far as teas go and i love the hand written note AND the fact they added another sample to the package and made sure it was a black tea as that was all we ordered heh

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Cavocorax said

Woo! My first Verdant order came in!

http://oi41.tinypic.com/62py.jpg – This is what $50 of tea looks like, and I’m so excited to try all of it!

I think the red package is the Anxi Fo Shou sample, by process of elimination.

Also, I think I might have gotten 2 samples? The Golden Fleece and the Five Year Aged Tieguanyin? Thank you! :O I used points to get $10 off, and I’m slowly working my way back up. I have to say that I really appreciate that Verdant offers free shipping to Canada with a minimum order!

Sil select said

you’re right on the anxi fo shou… lesigh

Cavocorax said

Awww… Hopefully in the fall?

So glad it all arrived safely! :) and yes- you and Sil are absolutely right: the red package is the Anxi Fo Shou Black Tea

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scribbles said

I love getting tea stuff in the mail!! :) and today was a great mail day!!

I got an order from Verdant compliments of JustJames, as well as a swap from Short Sorceress…thank you both for you generosity!!

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Tealizzy said

I got my Harney & Sons order yesterday! New adorable cherry blossom teapot and cups, and 5 tea samples (4 oolongs and Soho). Turns out the teapot even has one of those built in strainers at the outlet…nice!! :D

Cavocorax said

Oooh! Exciting! That teapot is so cute. :)

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