Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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ashmanra said

My free samples from Nina’s tea came! It is a shame I already made four pots of tea today! I am positively sloshing now, so I think I will make these tomorrow when I can enjoy it most!

From T.C.

Winter Nog- Della Terra
Provence Rooibos- New Mexico Tea Co.
Caramel Apple Honeybush- 52 Teas
Dreamy Apricot- Dragonfly Tea Co.
Phoenix Jasmine Pearls- Ovation Teas

T.C. said

It’s yummy stuff!

Yep, I love the Winter Nog. You have good taste in teas, sir.

T.C. said

Shame we can’t get any more from Della Terra :(

Yeah, I like a lot of seasonal teas.

My Nina’s Tea samples came: Hepburn, The des Anges, and The de Noel.

I finally earned the “David’s choice” samples from Verdant, and they came today! YEAH! I got:
Haixin Tang 2007 Stone pressed Sheng
Hish Mountain Dancong Huang Zhixiang
Wild Picked Dian Hong
Huangshan Hand scented Jasmine
Master Bi’s Jin Gian Yin

I also got a surprise package from Michelle!! There’s some yummy looking teas in there, plus a nice note! Thanks Michelle!

I think it is officially Thursday now but Wednesday I got in the mail some teas from
I got Artisan Golden Tips, Artisan Golden Needles and
Taoist Tea Crystal.

CK select said

I got Nina’s Tea samples: Hepburn, The de Noel & Marie Antoinette yay!

Emily M said

Yay! I got my Della Terra Teas order AND my latest Butiki Teas order today. I predict today will be a good day. =)

T.C. said

Got a small Adagio order in I forgot I ordered (Ambrosia & Shining Star)
One swap in from Becky

How were the blends?

T.C. said

Haven’t had time to open them honestly.
Will let you know when i do

iHeartteas order: I dream of milk and coconut

Luprica order

Yay! Hope you love it as much as I do. :)

Today on Valentines Day I got Upton Tea’s “Green Snails”
And “2012 Yunnan Sourcing Silver Needle Cake Raw Puerh” x 2
And “Jing Gu White Pekoe Silver Needles White Tea Sping 2012”

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