Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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graceatblb said

Got my Mandala Order yesterday. It made the ridiculously hot day much better.

-Phatty Cake Sequel
-2 oz Black Gold
-2 oz Alishan Taiwanese Oolong
-Sample of Golden Needle Premium
-Sample of a 2012 ripe pu’er from same grower as Phatty Cake

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Sil select said

Received a surprise package from cavocorax with a few delicious smelling teas!

Cavocorax said

Oh right! The H&S teas! :O
I hope you like them. I’m sorta addicted to them.

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I’ve been super busy all last week because of my best friends wedding and being a bridesmaid! Anyways I got my verdant tea order on Friday and my Bluebird Tea Co. Order on Saturday! Yay!
Drum roll please!!!!! My very first Bluebird Tea Co. Order! Yumm!

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wheezybee said

I’m really excited to get some new additions to my Depression Glass set: 6 cups, 4 sherbet plates, and 2 saucers. More place settings for tea parties!

I also received my Tao of Tea order:

1oz Earl Grey Blue Flower
1oz Earl Grey
1oz Smoked Earl Grey
1oz 500 Mile Chai

darby select said

Beautiful! I love depression glass and have never seen the blue.

wheezybee said

Thank you!

The greens and pinks are a lot more common, but several patterns were produced in cobalt. Aurora, Moderntone, American Sweetheart, Mt. Pleasant, Newport, and Royal Lace are some of the most prominent, although I’ve only seen most of them in books and on eBay.

I’ve been going to antique stores and malls since elementary school (my father used to collect) and the only cobalt patterns I’ve come across are Moderntone and maybe Mt. Pleasant.

What are your favorite patterns?

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I got my first gaiwan! (Yeah, I could have bought a ceramic one from a local Asian shop for half the cost, but I wanted glass so I can see the leaves as they steep.)
Now I’m really going to have to start cracking into my oolongs & Verdant teas.

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Got my Persimmon Tree order today!!!! My very first one!!! These guys are amazing! They were great with communication about a delay in my order because of an out of stock product. But luckily for me they had it restocked just in time for my order to ship and even included 2 extras for the inconvenience! Very customer service oriented. Here is it!
I got a 1oz Tin of white guava and a little bag of rock sugar for free as well!
I also got my swap from DanielleOz in the mail today! Yay!!!

Cavocorax said

Cute! I like those sample packs! And that’s great customer service. Thanks for letting others know. (Makes me want to support them more, but I’ll wait until I get my samples).

Uniquity said

I have never been able to see a flickr photo when people post them of their tea. I assumed they were dead links but I guess it’s just me. Do I need an account to view them or something? I want to see all the sweet tea! :)

yyz said


This link might help you!

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Zeks said

Verdant’s order + reserve club arrived on the same day. :)

Also, the first successfull tea foto I have made:)

Great photo, Zeks!! I’m so happy to see these all arriving safely.

Zeks said

thx:) I am rather surprised at the quality that simple phone camera was capable of. I thought it was hopeless but these silver needles from reserve club package were just begging to be posted :)

It’s true! Sometimes when I step back and take a look at what technology is capable of these days, I just think.. “The future is now!” Amazing. Still, no matter how great our cameras and technology get, it’s still a person framing, setting up and taking the shot.

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My epic swap with JustJames came in today. I’m excited that it is earlier than expected so I can try a few before I leave for vacation.

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Dexter said

Getting tea in the mail makes me happy. I received my Mandala order today!!! I ordered 2 oz of Black Pearl, 1 oz of Milk Oolong and the Noble Mark 2012 cake.
It also included my first Yixing teapot. It’s so little and it’s soooo cute. Came well wrapped and snug in a beautiful box. I love it. Not sure how to deal with it, but I’m really happy.

scribbles said

I LOVE getting tea in the mail!! Sometimes it’s better than the tea itself!! I love swaps for that reason!

Enjoy your yixing…let me know how you like it…

awesome! Seasoning your pot is pretty easy, I was worried when I did mine but it went pretty smoothly.
(that tofu method posted in discussion seems fun!)

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My first month of HandMade Tea TeaClub came in yesterday!!!!
Here’s the unpacking!!
For my first month… It was a great choice, seeing as I am a huge coconut fanatic!
Yay!!! I can’t wait!!

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