Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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My DavidsTea order arrived! Pink Passionfruit, Guava Cadabra, Goji Pop, Jumpy Monkey and Jasmine Black Pearls. Surprise samples of mango fruit punch, tropicalia and coffee chai!

I’m sampling guava cadabra first!

I ordered the Jasmine Black Pearls too and they make a rather delicious cup!

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wheezybee said

I just received my first real gaiwan! A little dark brown Yixing with white enamel.

The product on eBay:

A link to the teaware page on my blog:

Nice, those yixing gaiwans look very attractive. I’ve been tempted by them too.

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Sil select said

Received my samples from Laurent at Nina’s Tea finally so i get those to review shortly now that i’m back :)

Kittenna said


Sil select said


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Sil select said

Mandala Order! Picked up from the tea mule today so that’s super exciting!

Dexter said

Mmmmmmmmmmm Mandala. Enjoy :))

Sil select said

I fully plan on it! Super excited to have them in the house..those this weekend i need to reorganise EVERYTHING

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Debbie select said

Tins! From Harney & Sons.

I spent tonight organizing the tea cupboard. Almost everything is in nice, labelled tins now. I’m still waiting for the shipment of mini-tins from so I can organize the plethora of samples I’ve acquired.

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Got my Verdant order. Mweee! X3
My first gaiwan and it’s so nifty. So’s the little cup I got. Now I’m kinda tempted to buy 3 more so I have a set to have tea with my girlfriends. Lol.
Can’t wait to start practicing with it first before making tea. And I got a bunch of samples of different teas to try it with. The little packets are so cute.
I’m kinda bummed ‘cause the packet of Laoshan Roasted Oolong I got seems almost empty. When I weighed it it’s almost half the weight of the other packets I have. /sadface/

Glad your order arrived safely!! Was the Roasted Oolong the free sample, or a sample you ordered? Our extra samples are generally 5g; purchased samples are 7g. Let me know or send me a PM, and we can make sure you receive the correct amount that you ordered!

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Rosehips said

A whole lot of Harney & Sons teas in sample sizes. I figured, hey, why not try it before you buy a full sized batch of it. I cant wait to get started sipping these.

Samples are the best things. When I first got into tea, I made the mistake of buying regular amounts (1oz-ish sizes) and alot of times ended up with something I didn’t like. I’ve learned better now. Lol.

Rosehips said

That was what I finally figured out. I was buying some stuff that I thought sounded good and was then, eh. And now it sits on my shelf, making me feel guilty about all the tea I’m not drinking.

Yeah. I’m glad I found Steepster since now I can swap some of it away to someone who might enjoy it more. Then again, finding Steepster has increased my cupboard to far more than it had been before. Lol.

Rosehips said

Hahah, so true!

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Uniquity said

My Verdant order, huzzah! I forgot that I didn’t restock any mre Laoshan Black or Black Chocolate Genmaicha which gave me a sad but instead I have

1 oz Zhu Rong
1 oz Ginger Sage Winter Spa Blend
1 oz 2002 Master Han Shu puerh
1 brick 2012 Master Han Sheng Puerh
1 oz Imperial Breakfast Summer Blend
sample Laoshan Black

I was kind of hoping for a sample of something I hadn’t tried before since this is my third order in the last few months but it won’t kill me to have an extra little bit of LB. I was also surprised at the puerh brick. I expected 250 grams to be more, somehow. I completely forgot that it is compressed so more weight in a smaller package. It just looks like it is hardly big enough, hah.

Great order- so happy to hear everything arrived safely! I hope you enjoy all of those teas from Master Han- I feel lucky every day we get to work with him and share his teas.
If there were any new teas you really wanted to try as a sample, just let me know and I’ll see it gets into your next order! Feel free to PM me to or send me a direct e-mail anytime: lily(at)

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Dinosara said

Holy crap my box of Dammann Frères teas, (ordered from Instant Thé, delivered to my hotel in Paris after I left, and send to me in the states by the hotel) arrived today!! YAY!!!!

It smells like so much AWESOME. And they sent three free samples!

Sil select said

AAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! begins stalking dinosara’s tasting notes

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I FINALLY got my teavana iced tea pitcher… But no rock sugar or youthberry wild orange tea like it said on my packing slip:/ I’m really sad about that. I already put the iced tea pitcher to work over night with some adagio blood orange:) :) can’t wait! So excited tht I can stop using my paper infusers for iced teas!!!

Bentea said

I got an order from Teavana the other day, I got my youthberry wild orange sample, you’re not missing out on too much in my opinion.

What do you think of the pitcher, I’ve been looking for a nice one for awhile now.

Lala said

I had a problem once with a Teavana order and I called them and they sent it to me for free.

I love it! It’s small but just the right size for me at the moment. And I did contact them and they are sending both to me for free :)

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