Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Dexter said

I got my order from Tao Tea Leaf. Scribbles sent me some samples from them and I just had to place an order. I think their tea is excellent. In my order today I got:
Phoenix Dan Cong Almond – 30g
Masala Chai Organic – 50g
Purple Pu-er Sheng – 25g
Jin Ping Gong Fu – 50g (this is the best black tea I’ve tried it’s awesome, really excited to get more of it)

They also included 3 free samples – Da Hong Pao – Organic Baozhong Oolong and Imperial Pu-er.
Good customer service, quick free shipping (over 35.00), well packaged, free samples. All in all I’m happy with this order so far.

Sil select said

Didn’t realize they had online order capability…always think of them as one I need to stop in to pick tea up for haha

Dexter said

They are currently overhauling their web site, not all their teas are listed on it. I wanted more Jin Ping Gonf Fu but couldn’t find it online. I sent them an email, they said no problem they can send it. I sent them a complete list of what I wanted, they sent me a Paypal invoice, I paid it, got a personal thank you email from Tao with shipping confirmation. It all worked great. One of the tea samples they sent me is also not on the web site. I think it will be better once they get the new site up and running. The teas I’ve tried so far have been really good quality, look forward to trying more.

Sil select said

Nice! Tao is a friend of a friend so I try to drop by the store location whenever i can since it’s pretty much on the way to and from work

scribbles said

Nice order! Enjoy your teas!

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Got a tea swap from Artp, though it’s incomplete. Only got about half the tea I thought he was sending.
Sent him a message about it so I hope it was just a mistake and the rest is still sitting there with him.

I just got the rest of the swap today so all is well.

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Tealizzy said

I received my persimmon tree order yesterday, and was confused because, although they got the white tea samples right, they gave me different black tea samples than I requested, and also a rooibos sampler. I thought maybe they were out of stock of the black teas I wanted, and that they sent me rooibos samples to make up for that, but there was no note, so I emailed them. They said there was a mixup and they sent me someone else’s order and that they would send me my correct order today! Wow! Great way to make up for a mess up, but now I wonder about the other person who got my order!

Bentea said

Their customer service seems pretty great, I never got my order even though the tracking said it was delivered. I e-mailed them about it and they sent out a replacement, still waiting on it but they were very prompt and helpful with everything!

so weird, as that happened to me with Persimmon Tree last year! I got someone else’s order (they ordered a bunch of oolongs whereas I ordered pu’erh). They were really quick to send out another package to me.

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Traveling Tea Box C came in yesterday, but I was so busy cleaning up red and orange crayon from every section of my (tan colored) sectional couch I didn’t get to open it until after midnight. Looks like my son is going to grow up to be an artist just like me sigh I hope he moves on to some other form of media that isn’t as hard to clean up from the furniture.

It was so hard to punish him for drawing on the couch because he just looked so darn proud of his giant drawings, but when I saw it I wasn’t sure if I wanted to laugh or cry. I settled on taking a photo, which of course didn’t turn out because I was laughing so hard.

Today my Verdant order came in as well as some free samples from Nina’s Paris. I can’t wait to break into those once I’ve passed Tea Box C on.

Glad to hear your order arrived safely :)
and what a story about your couch!!! I once did the same thing when I was really little: we had a tiny little black-cased tv that I drew all over in black permanent marker. I still remember thinking: black marker, black tv.. it’ll be really cool and invisible! It was still there many years later when I finally sold it as a teenager at a garage sale. :-p
Sounds like you really earned some quality tea time from your orders and the traveling box today. Happy sipping!

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New Mexico Tea Company order!
Black Jasmine Cream, Plum Oolong, Coconut Black and Bohemian Raspberry (What an awesome tea name!)

New packaging too and it looks quite spiffy. Very happy that my 1oz teas are labelled, unlike last time.

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Dinosara said

Verdant Reserve Club for August, yay!

Hurray! So glad to hear it arrived quickly and safely.

Dinosara said

Yeah, my Reserve club always comes super fast. :)

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infused1 said

In the last two days I’ve received my orders from Zen Tea, Butiki, The Persimmon Tree, and tealux. One tea was missing from my tealux order, but the rest looks great. I like the new packaging Zen Tea and tealux are using, even for their sample sizes.

I’m just not sure what to try first. I got 50 teas (many sample sized), about 1/2 new to me.

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I got my very first butiki order in the mail!!!
-watermelon xylophone
-grapefruit dragon
-coconut cream pie
And free samples of:
-flowery pineapple oolong
-birthday cake
Yay I am so excited to dig into this order!!

Oh nice, watermelon xylophone is one of my ultimate favorites – such a great looking tea and tastes so yummy!

I LOVE Flowery Pineapple Oolong!!! You’re gonna love that order!

I have had the watermelon xylophone before in a swap and I loved it!!!! The flowery pineapple oolong looks sooooo pretty:)

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I got my first order from Wan Ling Tea House. I received:
Jiu Jiu Jiu Guan Yin (Spring 2011) 50g
Rohini First Flush Darjeeling (2012) 50g
Sheng Qi Zi Bing “Mang Fei Mountain” 2009 – 50g
Long Jing Ming Qian Spring (ordered 2011 but they were out of stock so I received 2013)
Also got Thurbo First Flush 2011 which has a use by date of August 2013 so they sent me two for the price of one which was half price anyway.

Also got 5 generous samples too.

Very happy :) Tried the Thurbo Darjeeling and it’s delicious.

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Sil select said

As predicted, a bunch of things showed up at my house at the same time…

Samples from Nina’s Paris!
Mini travelling BBB box from Terri
Swap from Nicole!

Dinosara said

Yay for you! But sad for your cupboard, haha!

Sil select said

Oh god don’t remind me….I’m too swamped with work to open them yet but I’m a bit afraid….butiki order I get on Monday as well from my tea mule…and then there’s still a teavivre order inbound as well as a second box from Terri lol oh and ill be placing an order with Stacy very very very very very very soon to pick up my tea!!

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