Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Javan said

Yunnan Sourcing came through with a cake of 2013 Ai Lao mountain sheng (green) pu-erh, and a pu-erh pick to pry apart the leaves with. I’m building a vertical collection of Ai Lao mountain sheng pu-erh to have as I and it ages. US website description is here:

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Cavocorax said

I received my samples from Justea’s Indiegogo campaign!
Just in time as tomorrow is the last day to get mail at this address!

Aside from the 3 15g samples, they also sent me 2 smaller ones to gift to friends/family. :D

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Yesterday I dove to my old town to pick up my handmade tea subscription package done my mom also when I came home my swap from Stephanie came and also my Verdant tea order came in!!! Yay yay yay sooooo much tea that I have no room for at all.
And I’m traveling all weekend I visit family and attend a funeral so here is my cute little Togo tea stash <3
And brought my tea press travel mug to do steepings on the go.

RogersCK said

That sounds like a lot of tea. Pictures are not loading for me though.

Anyway, enjoy!

Nice pics! I like your vintagey looking travel tin :)

Thanks it’s an actually tin from a long time ago I picked up at a vintage store in Colorado when I went there in July. I love it!

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yyz said

Very generous samples of Della Terra’s Lime Chiffon and 52 teas Pina Colada Honeybush from Courtney

Thanks so much! I’ve always wanted to try them.

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Katiek said

My new David’s Tea animal mug and the apple tea from the new fall teas.

Chizakura said

I want that mug too! :D How cute is it in real life?

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Mint Julep and Oh Canada (David’s Tea) from Courtney.

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wheezybee said

My Adagio order came in: Decaf Mandarin Green, Christmas, the Chai Sampler, and a free second sample of the Thai Chai. Sadly, they were out of the Sweet Potato Pie I wanted to try, but they were sweet enough to include a package of birthday cake, because in a little over two weeks I’ll have spent one more year evading the scythe!

And how could I forget the teas from JusTea arrived! There are three labeled teas and three… surprises! I guess I’ll figure out what they are when I open them! ;)

Although it wasn’t a delivery, I did add to my teaware collection by finding some cute cup and saucer sets at Goodwill. You’ll see them on the blog in the days to come, as I want to get some of my backlog taken care of this weekend. My tea is starting to take over our half-cheek kitchen, so something must be done!

And yeah, it will be fun to do!

Dinosara said

The three extras from JusTea are samples of the plain black to give out and spread the word. :)

wheezybee said

That is excellent to know, thank you!

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My parents dropped off a parcel for me today which arrived in the week. I always get important things sent there because they are always in to collect them. It was a huge box and I knew that meant only one thing…that my custom made tea bowls and water jug and arrived. Behold their beauty…

I got them from Caractacus Pots from Etsy. They have so many beautiful items and reasonable prices, plus they take custom work. Very happy :)

Sil select said

facebook link doesn’t work for me, but the etsy shop looks like it has some great things :)

Whoops. Hopefully this link should be better.

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RogersCK said

I received my justea samples last Saturday :)

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I also recieved my JUSTEA samples on saturday:)

Was this a free deal? I must have missed something!

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