Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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boychik said

I got stush reduction from Nicole
Thank you so much Nicole for sharing with me such fine teas

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yyz said

My second Rizhao Black tea from an Aliexpress dealer! So far this one is more heavier roasted and has more cocoa nib flavour in it. It tastes a little bit like Ovaltine.

I like Ovaline! Sounds good

yyz said

It is really good. It has similarities in flavour to the Laoshan teas but is a little sweeter, less bitter/brownie like and not quite as robust.

I got this one from this shop.

It’s a lot of tea but it comes packed in sample size bags (great for keeping it fresh and travelling with it).

Most of the Rizhao tea sold online is green tea sometimes sold as Sunfall tea or sunshine tea, but if your interested I can pm you a list of some other dealers that sell it as well, sometimes in smaller amounts.

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Dexter said

I love getting tea in the mail, and I especially love getting tea in the mail two days in a row. Today was my Tealux order. Tons of new black teas to try. This makes me happy.


Chizakura said

like :)

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I got the Stash Reduction from Nicole, and it is wonderful!! I am drinking the Almond Cream by Capitol Teas right now! Post to come later!

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Iridium said

Part of my job is sorting the mail that comes into my dorm, and I always like seeing people getting letters that look exciting (maybe because I never do…). So today, when I saw a fat little envelope with cute little porcupine stamps, I naturally looked to see who it was for…

… and imagine my surprise when it was for me! It was Lala sending me a couple of matchas she didn’t like, and it pretty much made my day. =]

Lala said

Awesome! The only thing better than getting mail, is getting tea in the mail!

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darby select said

Stash reduction from Nicole!!! Lots of teas to try now. Thanks!

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Yesterday I received my American Tea Room order… and guess what I finally ordered after all the ranting and raving? BRIOCHE! And guess what else? I have never tried it before and I am truly in love!!!! I bought 2oz. of it and the cute little geisha tin that I also had my eye on from there. I ordered it during the labor day sale:) They also included a free sample and its like they knew I was a coconut lover because the sample I recieved was, So Coconut.
http:[email protected]/9690142126/
http:[email protected]/9686906343/
I could not wait to use the tin so there went the Brioche right inside.
http:[email protected]/9686909889/

Yay! :D

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I received my Teavana Yixing Travel Tumbler today :) I wanted a flask for a while which my husband says is a waste of time as I rarely leave the house. I suppose he is right but I do go out often on the weekend with my parents for a walk in the countryside with their dogs, we always stop at a little cafe somewhere and their tea selections leave a lot to be desired. Now I don’t have to suffer the choice of two bagged teas that are not as fresh as they could be :D Plus a bonus of this being Yixing. Thinking of seasoning this with Oolong as it usually tastes great hot, warm or cold (in other words it’s very versatile).

I have the Design on the far left.

Wow neat :)

Tealizzy said

Totally neat!

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yyz said

Nicole’s generous give away!

Thanks, I look forward to trying them!

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ifjuly said

My neighbor texted me this afternoon with “looks like you got a ton of really cool looking packages in the mail” whee! He was right. My fixed kettle which I had just plain given up on ever having resolved (long story there, but kind of oops…I got tired of waiting and replaced it myself…that said the keep brewed tea warm feature of my original kettle is better for cool weather when I crave big pots of flavored black teas over gongfu-ish resteep-y stuff, so I’ll switch ‘em out then), a couple of gorgeous art prints from someone on Etsy named Helen Dardik (was tipped off to her from a blog post by the Todd and Holland folks!), aaaand my Verdant order! :D Between Terri encouraging me to try Zhu Rong and the sales they’ve been having, my growing curiosity about pu erh thanks to Dexter, the notion of a breakfast blend but with the Verdant touch, and the coincidental sample of the Early Spring Hand Picked Tieguanyin that blew me away from Nicole (yay thanks!), I’m super duper excited.

Also got a slip notifying me they tried to deliver my Teavivre order, which is pretty nuts—I placed that order the same day I made one with Steap Shoppe (gotta see what all this Cinnamon Swirl Bread fuss is about; y’all are enablers :b), only 2 weeks ago, and it came first. From China, with free shipping. Crazy!

Sil select said


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