Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Holy Cow! CRAZY generous swap package today from BrewTEAlly Sweet

I can’t get over how awesome all you fellow Steepsters are hugs everybody


YAY! I am so glad you got it! What does it look like besides the broken tea cup :/

Oh, I should take more pics!

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RogersCK said

Received a HUGE box from momo, and very generous swaps from KallieBoo! and akgrowngirl. Great day today!

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Ag select said

My large TeaVivre order came in today, along with Red Leaf Tea’s caramel matchaccino! :D

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I finally got my 52Teas order in today, with the one and only BLUEBERRY CREAM CHEESE DANISH!!!! Low and behold! I finally have it in my hands!

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Cavocorax said

I snuck an order from Tealux in on Friday and it showed up today. That’s definitely a perk to living in Ontario!

It was for:
4 tins for matcha
a matcha whisk
1 oz maple puerh
1 oz cocoa spice puerh
2 oz chocolate monkey rooibos

So. That puts me back up to 132 teas, but at least I can protect my matcha now!

Are the matcha tins airtight? I’m considering getting a few since I’m getting into matcha lately.

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Don’t know if it counts because I didn’t order it, but I got a package of different teas to try out from Lala today. Primarily straight greens and whites so I can try out some straight teas!

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Got my Butiki order today! /tumbles in excitement/ It’s still sitting all wrapped up in the box on my dining room table since I just picked it up from my parent’s house after work. And though I really should be going to bed soon, I’ll be staying up to unwrap the teaware I got from the garage sale. Too late to try the teas though.
I also got my ‘free’ samples from Yezi tea. All I had to pay was the shipping ($2.95), so essentially the teas were $1 each. I wasn’t sure how much the sample was going to be thgh since they don’t specify. Or at least, I never saw if they did. But each sample is 5g, which I don’t think is at bad. That’s like a few tsp or something. Feels like at least two in each, so I think it’s a pretty awesome deal to try a new (for me at least) company.

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My 52 Teas orders came as well as my Red Leaf Tea matchas!

RLT – Caramel Matchaccino (85% off! ) and Coconut Matcha
52 Teas – Turtle Cheesecake, Smores Chai and Blueberry cream cheese danish green

YUM! All look tasty!

Woohoo! looking forward to reviews :D

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Dinosara said

Got my new tins from Specialty Bottle last night. Of course this morning I realized that I ordered four too few! Oh well, even flavored puerh needs to breathe a bit, right? :/

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wheezybee said

Today was great! Shadowfall’s swap arrived, as well as a mystery mix from Kaylee – Thank you!

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