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Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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OMGsrsly said

FINALLY I got the Verdant order Sil placed for me while I was away (and also so I could use Paypal!). This took MANY calls to the post office, as the shipping label had both our apartment numbers on it, and the postal people kept leaving notes on it “Try this apt number!” (doesn’t exist) “Try this other apt number!” (didn’t actually knock on my door), etc.


Cinnamon puer, vanilla citrus spice, orchard spice, earl of anxi, imperial summer breakfast blend, eight treasures yabao, ginger sage winter spa blend. I got Mi Lan Xiang Phoenix Mountain Dancong Oolong as a sample.

So far: Yum!

Nice, I’ve never had that particular one, but Dancong Oolong is pretty tasty in my book!

Also ginger sage winter spa blend is my fave herbal of all time!!

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I got a super duper swap in the mail from Kimquat today, including a couple of Mandala puerhs I’ve been wanting to taste before I decide what I want to order from them! Very awesome, and very appreciated!!!

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Little Red Tea Cup samples! I got the Keemum, white monkey, and jade oolong. The tea polos and smells gorgeous. I’m sure I’ll try at least one tomorrow.

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Sil select said

Finally picked up my order from Tao Leaf @ the post office. Super excited to have a few samples to try AND stock one of the teas that dexter shared with me. Only downside? a couple mix ups with my order, though i’m sure that will be fixed shortly so i’m not overly stressed about it :)

Sil select said

as expect, order fixed – love the great customer service at tao’s

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Got an Ebay box with a group of 4 pots I won. Possibly yixing, but I’m not sure (though they’re probly fake). Anyone have any suggestions/sites with information on how to check? Though I’ll probly end up putting up a topic here with pictures and more questions. Lol.

yyz said

You might want to try this thread on teachat. http://www.teachat.com/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=11539

Regardless if they’re fake or not enjoy them!

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kimquat said

Finally checked the post and saw that my swap from Stephanie came in! Yes yes yes! Very generous and very much appreciated, thank you! Also got in a HUGE order from Mandala, with a lot of pu-erh, a few oolongs I’ve yet to try, and a green tea. So much excitement. (:

Woohoo!! :D

Dexter3657 said

MMMMmmmmmmm Mandala pu’erh!!! Enjoy.

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Got my 2nd order from Yezi Tea super fast. I got big bags of Qing pin and the high
Mountain one. I also got some Jin pin and some teas to send to the BBBB. They also included 3 free samples of my choosing and a bonus of theirs. AND a little tea strainer as a surprise gift. Yezi Teas have quickly skyrocketed to the top tier of my favorite tea shops list. Meiqin (the owner) has really hit the ground running with this shop

Sil select said

shhhhhhh i can’t order more tea yet…

You don’t need to! I’m sending it to you!

Sil select said

you sending high mountain and qin ping? (looking at the free samples via tea mule)

Those are the ones! A 1/2 ounce of each. And probably a few bonus teas :-)

Sil select said

Nice! I think I put in a Taiwan tea craft tea for you…but I’m picking up more, so there will be a bigger sample next round with the box haha

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Kaylee said

A cute new steeper (http://www.amazon.com/Babushka-Russian-Nesting-Novelty-Infuser-Assorted/dp/B00C4YS336) and some lovely samples from Yunomi! Hoping to sit down and try these properly on Saturday.

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I got my Little Red Cup Tea Co samples in the mail today! White Monkey and Green Mao Jian :D

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Lariel select said

My Della Terra samples

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