Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Two swaps today

From- TeaLover58, and the Book Club group

momo said

I got a new travel mug! I saw them in Target a couple weeks ago and almost got one but it was $5 less on Amazon!

So far, so good. Too scared to try drinking my tea yet still haha.

swap from Art saved me from a disappointing trip to the mailbox today :) mmmmm…smells good!

Alphakitty said

Got 2 of my book club swaps (from Lariel and threewhales), hooray! Along with Sakura Sencha & Pineapple Sencha from Den’s which just happened to come with a sample of the Rose Sencha which I almost ordered. I thought my Red Leaf samples would come today but I accidentally delivered them to my parent’s house… oops!

I got some Gynostemma “Jiaogulan” sample today :)

Your the first person I’ve ever seen mention gynostemma. I buy gynostemma for my arthritis and have thought about offering it on our website but I worry about adding things that have potentially dangerous side effects.

Really? I didn’t know about potentially dangerous side effects, what are they?

T.C. said

eep! I got a sample of this in a swap….was not aware of dangerous side effects!

Its only potentially dangerous for pregnant women and it can slow clotting which can be dangerous for some people but check it out: I guess its not that bad but if you need surgery or get injured it could be a problem.

Thanks, thats actually very good to know, Now I know that Lance don’t need any hes on dialysis and take blood clot medicine Heparin

it’s also not recommended for those taking immunodepressants.

i put the warning in my tasting notes of it..maybe i should edit the tea info itself?

Prednisone is an immunosuppressant drug, Lance also takes it, No Gynostemma for him.

teapot1 said

I received my first Butiki Teas order:)…
Creamy Eggnog
Tangerine Creamsicle
Cantaloupe and Cream
I’ve tried the first two, and they are really tasty!

Red Leaf: plain matcha samples for review
Teajo samples: classic chai, Pure Sencha

T.C. said

got my review matcha samples in as well. Going to be a matcha weekend!

momo said

this reminded me to see where mine are, and they are apparently sitting at a post office south of where I live “undeliverable as addressed” so that’s awesome.

CK select said

My first order from Della Terra came in! A bunch of try me packs, they are definitely good size to try a whole bunch of teas – one’s the valentines ones and the others are custom ones.

I did not know Della Terra did custom blends!

they don’t, it’s the custom try me pack. where you choose which ones are in it.

CK select said

Yup, sorry I wasn’t clear. Custom try me packs – choice of 5 teas.

ah, gotcha.

I received an order this morning from Pure Aroma Tea which contained the following:
- Formosa Orange Blossom
- Young Hyson
- Passionfruit, Guava & Mango
- Lemon
- Spring Blend
- Russian Caravan
- Rose Congou
- Passionfruit & Orange

So far their tea has been very tasty so it looks like I’m set up for a comfortable weekend :)

Sil select said

I’m looking forward to your reviews on these ones. I really want to place an order when I get back.

From that list was there anything you would specifically like to see a review for? I have a few others as well from them that arrived last week. I recommend them, everything I have tried so far has been nice. Plus they were sent quickly and are a good price :)

Sil select said

Haha no. I’ve been reading them as you post them :) I’m not back home until march so I’ve got time before ill be placing and order. I’m for sure going to be doing one now though based on your glowing reviews so far heh

got my swap from art
main squeeze
imperial acai blueberry
sevenberry sangria
jessie’s tea

Artp said


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