Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Alright! So glad to see it arrived safely. :)
Hope you enjoy this month’s “Fall Adventure” themed blends!

Sil select said

oh man..i want mine!

I was sooooooo excited even after the sneek peek of flavors on facebook. I can’t wait to be over the flu to try them!

Iridium said

Mine too! I love the autumn forest theme, and I can’t wait to try them all. =]

Isn’t it great?

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Dinosara said

It’s Blends club day! My Verdant Blends club came as well, and I’ve added them to the database.

Sil select said

maaan so jealous! i want mine!

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The traveling tea box C came today!!!!! I ran downstairs when i heard the mail man! Yay yay yay

OOooooo! fun times :D

Ya! Too bad I van taste or smell anything at thr moment

I know :( That’s always the WORST!

But it didn’t stop me from rummaging through and finding which ones I wanted to try! Ha ha

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I got some David’s Tea Cocoa Canela in the mail today from Kaylee

SO generous! :D

No you did not! I am sooooooo jealous! That tea is soooooo expensive now for my budget. I have yet to try it. But its definitely been number one on my list for a while

I’ll throw some in the Here’s Hoping Box for ya :D who’s being beyond generous.

Bentea said

I think I still have a 50g bag of that at my Dad’s that I’ve only taken a tea spoon out of. Wasn’t a fan, if anyone wants it then it’s yours for postage :)

GO FOR IT BrewTEAlly Sweet :D

What a nice offer Bentea

I’m totally interested Bentea! That would br awesome.

Bentea said

Shoot me a message and I’ll get back to you next time I stop by my Dad’s :)

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Dexter said

I got my Steep This order in the mail today. Seemed to come pretty quick. Mailman was not nice – squashed the package into my mail slot even though there was no chance of it going through. He just doesn’t respect my tea. Oh well, I think it will be ok.

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Ag select said

My Verdant and Mandala orders came in today! Plus some fountain pen ink samples. Excited to try them all!

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yyz said

ebay purchase 50g jin jun mei from huiyanvs2011. The seller was actually pretty good he shipped really quickly and included almost the same amount of wild Wuyi black as a bonus, especially nice as it was an auction and I paid the minimum amount for the tea.

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Tealizzy said

OMG! Best mail day EVER!!

I got my Butiki order, and I’m literally jumping up and down right now with excitement. So hard to decide which one to try first! I think I might go for the carrot cake tea! YIPPEE!!!

I also got the Lupicia newsletter with tea sample, and an issue of Tea Time magazine, which might be from my mom. AWESOME!


Fantastic! I hope you enjoy your mail! :D

Double :D !!! Yay! So jealous!

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OMGsrsly said

My Verdant blends club is at the post office.

Unfortunately, I was spoiled and know two of the teas include mint. Blech, mint. I might pick it up tomorrow. Sadly, I’m really not excited about it any more.

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My swap from kimquat came today! Yay! Yours will be in the mail tomorrow I promise! Just been super busy and still fighting this flu.

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