Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Kaylee said

My Butiki package! So so excited! I got:
1994 Aged Bai Hao
Butterscotch & Hazelnut Mocha Candies
Lavender Chamomile
Red Queen Cupcake

and samples of:
Boracay Breeze
Japanese Pu’erh
Rwanda Rukeri
Plum Brandy Cheesecake (double serving for participating in the Whispering Pines/Butiki contest!)


That’s great Kaylee, enjoy!!!

Enjoy! Im wicked excited for mine to arrive:)

Kaylee, did you ever get an email telling you that your order was shipped? I haven’t gotten one yet…

Cameron B-We are waiting until all orders have been shipped before emailing since we are trying to push out all of the orders as fast as possible. PayPal will send an email to US customers when it ships but not Canadian or international. We gave ourselves 6 business days to get everything out, which would be this Tuesday. I’m hoping we can make that happen. About 45% of the orders have gone already.

Thanks so much for the update, Stacy! Can’t wait to try all the teas. :D

No problem, hope you enjoy them! :)

Tealizzy said

Thanks for the update, Stacy. I was wondering too!

Kaylee said

Hehe Stacy answered faster and better than I could :-)

Just a little FYI update, we are down to the very end! Just 2 problem orders and a few orders that are waiting on fresh batches of tea (those should go out tomorrow). :)

Yay! Exciting!

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Clint said

I just got my Hamilton Beach programmable kettle! Hooray! Now I don’t have to guestimate temperatures anymore! Wooooo

Frolic select said


mj said

I need a variable temperature kettle so bad! I stick a candy thermometer in my kettle now haha.

Enjoy yours :)

Nice! I hope you enjoy! I use a meat thermometer sometimes…..

Variable temp kettles are the best things that ever happened to tea, enjoy yours!

And mj, whatever works for now…if it’s a candy thermometer, then be it!!! But I really hope you get one soon :-)

mj said

TTF, I have one picked out on my birthday wishlist, so I’m hoping for one then :). I only have to make it to Halloween! That’s not so far away, I suppose.

Clint said

I am looking forward to this new chapter in my tea-life. I was way too lazy to use a thermometer, so I was in dire need of a variable kettle :P

I’ve got that one and I love it. Just a word of advice – if you’re heating small amounts of water, it usually heats about 10 – 15 degrees over whatever you’ve set it to, depending on how much water. Like if I’m only heating enough water for my 12oz cup (usually around 16oz) and I want it at 200 degrees, I’ll set the temp to 185/190 and it usually goes up to the 200 temp I want. Lol! I’m probly being a bad kettle owner and heating under the minimum amount, but I hate heating up a whole bunch of water that I probly won’t use and I don’t like leaving water in the kettle.

Clint said

Good to know! Thank you!

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I received my Stash Sale package from Virginia and I received the Tealephone package.

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Got my personalized sampler from Teavivre today.

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Woo, coming home after a week of being out of town is like Christmas! I had several lovely packages waiting for me, including:

TeaTiff sent me an ounce of Buttered Rum from David’s just out of the kindness of her heart! Thanks dear! :D

My TeaVivre sampler pack, including the two puerhs, Dian Hong Full-leaf, Ancient Wild Tree Black, and Guang Dong Phoenix Dan Cong. Hooray!

A tin of Fauchon’s Peach & Thyme that the generous Shadowfall purchased locally and mailed to me. Thanks again, the tin is so cute!

My swap from Roswell Strange: Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha (52teas), The des Poetes (DF), Spicy Chocolate (Kusmi), Watermelon Xylophone (Butiki), Candied Almond (Cuppa’T), and Blueberry Jam (David’s). She also included a couple of bonus samples, hooray! My very first international swap! :D

A swap from Ost, which included a large amount of Champagne Infused Tea from Red Leaf, and a couple of smaller freebie samples. Thanks dear!

My purchases from kimquat’s stash sale: Dark Chocolate Oolong (WP), Pure Bud Black Tea (Mandala), Vanilla Mint (Golden Moon), and a super cute washi tin! :D

Thanks everyone for making my homecoming so happy! :P

That’s a lot of tea girl, enjoy :-)

Heck yeah! Just waiting on my Butiki order now… :D

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Cheri select said

My order from Beautiful Taiwan Tea showed up yesterday. That was much faster than I anticipated it being here.

apt said

they’re based in Indiana, so shipping is a bit faster than ordering from Taiwan. what’d you get?

Cheri select said

I hadn’t realized they were in Indiana, which I would have if I’d clicked on contact us. Ah well.

I got samplers of:
Four Seasons Oolong (One Love)
Golden Lily Milk Oolong
Misty Mountain Oolong
Highest Mountain ShanLinXi Reserve Oolong
Shangri-La Dream (one of the guest brews, and it’s no on the website anymore)
Twisted Green (BiLuoChun)

apt said

Good choices! Twisted Green is really nice.

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Sarsonator said

Eeeeeee!!!!! My sheng pot finally arrived!!!!! So excited! Boiling now!!!

Th packaging was lovely. It arrived in a beautiful box with a tea towel, a drawstring pouch, a lid string, and brochure from the artist. I wish I could read the brochure!!!!

This one is a classic beauty. Enjoy :-)

(What do you mean you don’t read Chinese??? I can read it from here…it says: bless you sweet girl and now, let’s sheng together!!!)

Sarsonator said

I know a little French, and a few words in Spanish, but thats about it!

The pot is seasoning now in some lovely sheng. I cant wait to make tea in it later!!!! I may be pulling an all-nighter LOL

Cheri select said

Where’d you get your pot from?

boychik said

Beautius! What’s the size ? And link pleease

I love the teeny spout ones, they’re so cute! :D

mj said

You’re totally right, Cameron! The teeny spout does increase the cuteness!

Sarsonator said
Sarsonator said

Here’s all the goodies!

They have some really nice looking pots. But omg so expensive. ;.;

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I got:

Global Tea Hut
a TTB – I think it’s Here’s Hoping
And my combined Tao Tea order with Blodeuyn, Cookies, Boychik and Queen of Tarts! – so much tea!

yyz said

That’s a ton of tea! I’m jealous I haven’t received mine yet and I live within a 30km from the place!

cookies said

Yay! That came super quick. If you want to try anything that I ordered, feel free to help yourself.

OMG SOOOOO much tea!

boychik said

You are right, Stephanie! OMG
Happy dance;-)

I have to say, it was so painless working with all of these ladies on this split order. Tea people are the best!

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Ost said

I got my Butiki Order! Didn’t even get an email that it shipped. So that was a nice surprise! :D ^^ So much tea! I’m so excited!
It’s been an awful day so far too, so this cheered me up! :D

lolainred said

what teas did you order from Butiki? I love hearing what everyone picked out in the sale!

Jelly! I want mine! :P

I just checked my tracking. Mine is out for delivery!!! dances around :D :D

Ost said

Lolainred, I got:
4oz of The Black Lotus
4oz of Caramel Vanilla Assam
6oz of Maple Pecan Oolong (seriously one of my favorite teas!)
4oz of Hello Sweetie

Then for my free teas, I chose:
1oz of Hello Sweetie
1/2oz of that new Butterscotch tea
2oz of Premium Taiwanese Assam (Need to see what the hype’s about!)
1/2oz of Sansia Black
and 1/2 of Hattiall Golden Paw Assam
I’m so stoked!! :D :D

Sorry about that. We are holding off on sending notices until all the non-problem orders ship to get stuff out faster.

Sarsonator said

Wow, that is a ton of tea!!! You’ll have fun drinking all that :)

Ost said

Oh okay. Makes sense. Thank you, Stacy! :D You’re the best!
Sarsonator I definitely will! :P Wonder how long it will last…hmm….

lolainred said

oooo.. those sound great. I actually haven’t tried most of them, but let’s be honest what DOESN’T sound great from Stacy? I almost got come of the maple pecan oolong this time. And I got my shipping notification today! woot!

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Tealizzy said

OMG OMG OMG! Best mail day ever!

I got my Butiki order!!!!! Like others, I thought it wasn’t even shipped yet! Thank you, Stacy!!!! I’m in black tea heaven!

I also got samples from Teavivre! Woohoo!

This totally makes my day. I’m sitting here trying to work with dilated eyes from being at the eye doctor….No fun! But I have TEA!!!!!!!!

Ost said

Yah! :D :D

Yay, glad the teas arrived safely! :)

lolainred said

so what did you get from butiki? =)

Tealizzy said

I got:
Hong yun black
Zhen Qu
Shiva’s breakfast
Hattialli golden paw assam, and
Butterscotch and hazelnut mocha candies!

I had Zhen Qu yesterday and it was awesome!!

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